Write Starts: Prompts, Quotes, and Exercises to Jumpstart

This book could be great for the older,experienced or task oriented writer, but for me it didn t get the job done I suppose one could say it just didn t cater to my prompting needs I think prompts need to be a few short, inspiring words directions to get the ink flowing, but these and no, I didn t mistake them for the exercises, I know they re different were a bit drawn out and unstimulating. Better than a number of books similar to it that I ve read Finally finished through it Was surprised t wasn t on my list here This book is filled with ideas to kickstart or improve your writing Some of my favorites include The Fine Art of Observation, Checklist for Creating Characters, and Variation is the Spice of Write This is a great book for those times when you wait for a bus or have a bit of time before meeting a friend and it s small enough to tuck inside a purse for easy inspiration any time I will read this one over and over again A great addition to my writing books. A lot of these werewriting exercises than prompts, but there was some creative stuff here I think it would be particularly useful for fiction writers, but since I have been focused on writing poetry lately, I found it less inspiring. Even dedicated and experienced writers need what author and writing coach Hal Zina Bennett provides a fresh, fun, surefire place to start In this handy resource, practiced and aspiring writers alike will find inspiration and initiative in the form of prompts for brief writing exercises, story prompts that set forth dramatic arcs for lengthy works, readings with exercises that reflect on the art and craft of writing, and quotes from famous authors on the inner processes of successful work Write Starts facilitates creativity like the perfect seat at a favorite caf or a peaceful room of one s own What s , it puts you in the congenial company of a wise and expert coach At first it seemed like any other type of writing advice book but once I got into it I was excited by all the original ideas to find inspiration Like Tarot cards Write Starts: Prompts, Quotes, and Exercises to Jumpstart Your Creativity

About the Author: Hal Bennett

George Harold Hal Bennett 1936 2004 , 1 2 was an author known for a variety of books His 1974 novel Lord of Dark Places was described as a satirical and all but scatological attack on the phallic myth , 3 and was reprinted in 1997 He was Playboy s most promising writer of the year 1 He has also written under the pen names Harriet Janeway and John D Revere the Assassin series His books are sometimes compared to Mark Twain s style of satire, but contain a much stronger sexual tone.

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