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Women in Foreign Policy Originally Published In 1993, This Title Provides A Unique Insight Into The Challenges Faced By The Women Who Shaped United States Foreign Policy At The Time The Authors Examine The Gender Gap In Beliefs Between Men And Women In The State And Defense Departments Highlighted By Interviews With Ten Leading Women In The Field Including Jeane Kirkpatrick And Rozanne Ridgway, Then The Two Highest Ranking Women In Foreign Policy The Book Provides An Intimate Glimpse Into The Making Of Foreign Policy During The Reagan Administration.Based On 79 Interviews With Women And Men Senior Executives In The Departments Of State And Defense, This Title Poses A Number Of Key Questions Who Are The Women In The State And Defense Departments, And How Do Their Background And Lifestyle Choices Compare With Those Of Their Male Colleagues What Problems Do They Confront In An Attempt To Influence Policy In The International Arena Do The Women On The Inside Make A Difference In How Policy Is Formulated Or How The Departments Are Managed Are Women By Nature Peaceful Than Men Will They Alter The Face Of Foreign Policy Or Are They Likely To Hold The Same Views As Men This Title Provided An Important Insight Into These Questions, And Would Have Been Provocative Reading At The Time Of Publication.

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