Who am I?: 16 Basic Desires that Motivate Our Actions

Who am I?: 16 Basic Desires that Motivate Our Actions Define Our Personalities Sex Social standing Social justice With this breakthrough study of the motivational forces behind human behavior, and grounded in the most up to date psychological research available, Dr Steven Reiss explains thedesires and values that shape our behavior and shows how the ways we prioritize them determines our personality Well explained in lay readers terms Library JournalAn exciting new way to think about ourselves, an authoritative, research based understanding of why we do the things we do Ellen Langer, PhD author of Mindfulness Offers valuable insight into such matters as why some interpersonal relationships are enduringly satisfying and others are not Professor Richard J McNally, Harvard University Reiss system can improve our working relationships and enhance our professional lives Ruth Luckasson, JD Regents Professor and Professor of Special Education, University of New Mexico

10 thoughts on “Who am I?: 16 Basic Desires that Motivate Our Actions Define Our Personalities

  1. Nathan Albright Nathan Albright says:

    Being someone who reads books on a massive scale, it should come as little surprise that I get a lot of book recommendations from other people I would likely not have read this book had I not received a recommendation on it from an old college flame of mine who happens to be the first girl I remember kissing I was almost 19 at the time and who h

  2. Romeu Lourenço Romeu Lourenço says:

    Ray Dalio recommends this book I think that s enough reason to read this book.Really enjoyed.The hypothesis upon which, the reason we do everything is based on pleasure and pain isn t enough to explain why we do what we do on a day to day basis.But the 16 human desires will make you understand just that Not only you will better understand yoursel

  3. Bob Nichols Bob Nichols says:

    Reiss argues that life isthan seeking pleasure and avoiding pain Our distinctive trait is our need for meaning Through a survey protocol that he and an associate developed, Reiss identifies sixteen universal desires and values that drive nearly everything we do These desires are intrinsic they are ends in themselves they are distinct from each oth

  4. Jan Jan says:

    Steven Reiss had a life threatening illness which led him to rethink what makes life meaningful His research formed the basis of this book Steven Reiss describes at length the 16 basic desires that he identified together with Susan Havercamp Power is the desire to influence others Independence is the desire for self reliance Curiosity is the desire

  5. Julie Julie says:

    This book was ok It was a scientific study which was enjoyable but then ventured unto different realms of how to find happiness Some interesting points on compatibility like if you are curious and your partner friends are not than you have some basic not getting it issues that will severely affect your relationship Fun test that you can take and do

  6. Matthew Belonio Matthew Belonio says:

    Havercamp Reiss.When Psychology Philosophy meet.16 traits opening up the field in the Psychology of Motivation.May need to refer back to this at a laterdate Just to verify what I already know.But their is something about having someone Organize and Order thinkingfor you Havercamp Reiss.When Psychology Philosophy meet.16 traits opening up the field in

  7. Jordana Ayer Jordana Ayer says:

    Book started well when explaining about the basic values and how to identify yours, but second half was less interesting as it tries to describe the impact of the values in marriage, work, families in a very generic way

  8. Jurgen Appelo Jurgen Appelo says:

    Good research, solid and useful model.

  9. JP JP says:

    My reaction to this genre is often that I don t believe I fit into the model That s certainly untrue here and, based on the methodology, I understand why Reiss developed the 16 traits using factor analysis and has validated these factors with multiple heterogeneous populations The basic desires are each distinct and directly reflect human needs that ser

  10. Hal Hal says:

    Kind of an interesting book that delves into how you can use a list of sixteen characteristics developed by this psychologist that helps you understand what makes you tick The characteristics seem logically correct and if one applies them objectively to evaluating themselves it appears to have some worth The basic problem I had with the book was after la

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