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What Is Real? (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics) Eighty years ago, Ettore Majorana, a brilliant student of Enrico Fermi, disappeared under mysterious circumstances while going by ship from Palermo to Naples How is it possible that the most talented physicist of his generation vanished without leaving a trace It has long been speculated that Majorana decided to abandon physics, disappearing because he had precociously realized that nuclear fission would inevitably lead to the atomic bomb This book advances a different hypothesis Through a careful analysis of Majorana s article The Value of Statistical Laws in Physics and Social Sciences, which shows how in quantum physics reality is dissolved into probability, and in dialogue with Simone Weil s considerations on the topic, Giorgio Agamben suggests that, by disappearing into thin air, Majorana turned his very person into an exemplary cipher of the status of the real in our probabilistic universe In so doing, the physicist posed a question to science that is still awaiting an answer What is Real

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  1. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    Life Imitating Science Quantum physics forced the recognition of something that had always been the case but had been ignored by both scientists and philosophers of science Metrics are never a property of the event or thing being measured Or to put the mattergenerally mathematics is not analogous to what is the case in the world.This unexpected and disconcerting conclusion is obvious in quantum physics because the probabilistic charac

  2. Ben Ben says:

    I approached this small book with some trepidation, since contemporary continental philosophers theorists have developed a bit of a side industry in mis addressing quantum physics A Plotnitsky s attempt to favorably link N Bohr s complementarity pseudo system to Derridean deconstruction F Laruelle s grafting of superposition for his own purposes, etcThe setup of Agamben s analysis the rather coy, understated means by which Agamben vagu

  3. Nick Grammos Nick Grammos says:

    Though I knew this was coming, the following sentence on p.42 shocked me as soon as we assume that the real state of a system is in itself unknowable, statistical models become essential and cannot but replace reality And I realised I was in a very contemporary world, not the 1930s when Majorana disappeared into the exemplary cipher of the status of the real in the probabilist universe of contemporary physics The sensation of instabilit

  4. Leif Leif says:

    Would you like a beautifully made and elegantly tailored story about a brilliant physicist whose mysterious disappearance coincides with international controversy about quantum mechanics and the nature of science itself Yes Would you like it to embody some of the largest questions about how we view governmental power and how we understand complex subjects through statistics Yes Would you like an Italian philosopher to wrap all of the abo

  5. Liam Liam says:

    I proto outcome of successive indifferent blind chance dice rolls etc contend formally with the thesis encapsulation thatquantum mechanics relies on the convention that reality must be eclipsed by probability, then disappearance is the only way in which the real can peremptorily be affirmed as such and avoid the grasp of calculation42, 43 , since a QM as a subset of ineluctable character to perception to world merely renders dissolves ess

  6. Massimo Magon Massimo Magon says:

    Che cos reale domanda che sempre pi acquisisce senso in un mondo che, nel lavoro, nelle relazioni, nei bisogni, si dematerializza costringendoci a nuove modalit di percezione, quindi a diverse forme di necessit e desiderio, codifica e comprensione, che creino e stabilizzino la realt.Ettore Majorana, geniale ed inquieto fisico che avrebbe potuto competere con Fermi, scompare la sera del 25 marzo del 1938, dopo essersi imbarcato a Napoli su

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