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Twilight (The Mediator, #6) This Time It S Life Or DeathSuze Has Gotten Used To Ghosts She S A Mediator, After All, And Communicating With The Dead Is All In A Day S Work So She Certainly Never Expected To Fall In Love With One Jesse, A Nineteenth Century Hottie But When She Discovers That She Has The Power To Determine Who Becomes A Ghost In The First Place, Suze Begins To Freak It Means She Can Alter The Course Of History And Prevent Jesse S Murder, Keeping Him From Ever Becoming A Ghost And From Ever Meeting SuzeWill Jesse Choose To Live Without Her, Or Die To Love Her

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  1. Aqsa Aqsa says:

    NEW UPDATE 17th APRIL, 2013.The Mediator Series has been optioned to be made into a movie Here s what Meg updated FUCKING STARS THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES 3.YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS.MEG CABOT IS WRITING THE 7TH BOOK FOR THE MEDIATOR SERIES.https megcabot status 2https twitter.c

  2. April (Aprilius Maximus) April (Aprilius Maximus) says:


  3. Tasmina712 Tasmina712 says:

    Dear Jesse, I went back in time Your time To the 19th century I know, I know It was dangerous and could ve cost my life, but I still went I mean, really, since when did I ever listen to what someone told me to do.Whatever The real reason for this is to say goodbye Why You ask, well because, in the

  4. Sara Sara says:

    For some reason, this is the book I remembered the most from my first read through I really enjoyed my reread of this series overall It s not a perfect series the writing is a bit juvenile but it s a whole lot of fun I would recommend it for anyone wh...

  5. P P says:

    50% 4 5 6 1 3 2 view spoiler hide spoiler

  6. Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) says:

    Re read 5 26 17 I will always and forever love this series with all of my heart Aside from Harry Potter this is the series that really kick started my reading as a youngster, and my love for it is eternal Also Jesse gi...

  7. Brandi ;) Brandi ;) says:

    This book annoyed the SHIT out of me As far as I am concerned this was a horrible ending to a series that started out fantastic I loved this series when I first started reading it, the main character Suze was tough, sassy, funny as hell and she had a good sense about her and great taste in shoes, but that is neith

  8. Charissa Sophia de la Rosa Charissa Sophia de la Rosa says:

    This last book is an astounding grand finale for The Mediator series Very well planned and written A masterpiece indeed The ending is perfect When I read it, I couldn t forget it I m so glad at the same time sad, for it s done Over all, it s a beautiful book A perfect love story everyone wi...

  9. haley haley says:

    20 pages in, and I m already enraged at Paul I quit I am so done with this series Literally all it took to ruin this series for me was a pushy, invasive, patronizing, borderline rapey son of a bitch I can t stand him So I m out I quit It was fun while it lasted but I am so done.

  10. Amy Amy says:

    Actual review rating 4.5 starsIn the sixth instalment of the Mediator series Suzie is forcefully studying her talents with fellow mediator Paul due to their agreement to protect Jesse When Suzie finds out that Paul may have a trick up his sleeve to make sure Jesse never meets her she does everything in her power to stop him B

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