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Twerk Earcandy that raises so many questions, e.g What is the reader expected to bring to the poem What does performance poetry mean on the page What will become of Suri Diggs never lets you cruise comfortably but challenges you at every turn to pay attention to language, sound, and meaning While it frequently gave me brain hurt, Twerk claps and bounces see what I did there with energy and edifies its reader with a veritable dunking baptism in pop culture. Preferably you get to hear these read out by the poet as I did, or watch them on YouTube Even on the page though, this is amazing work magical voices, inner fantasies, harsh contemporary realism and deep personal chants all composed in a multitude of styles and languages Not a starter for poetry beginners perhaps but an impressive experience nonetheless. SO GOOD This book is so new, so innovative that I can t really say I know what happened to me. The thing I always have to remind myself is that this is sound poetry Diggs live readings of this are stunning, and although I think the book itself is beautifully laid out, I felt that I was unable to perform the text the same way Diggs performs it Probably because I am not well versed in the art of performance or even of reading aloud I loved all of the pop culture references, and I loved Diggs ability to blend those in flawlessly with cultural critique. It helped that I was able to see the author perform some of the poems There is a great appreciation of languages and cultures throughout the book It isn t an easy read. I am not quite smart enough for some of these, but that is my usual experience of poetry not just poetry written in, um, eight languages Super cool, unlike pretty much anything else I ve ever read. Poetry African American Studies TWERK unveils an identity shaped by popular media and history, code switching and cultural inclusivity The poems, songs, and myths in this long awaited first book are as rooted in lyric as in innovation, in Black music as in macaronic satire TWERK evokes paradox, humor, and vulnerability, and it offers myriad avenues fueled by language, idiom, and vernacular From a poet unafraid to take risks, this book asks only that we imagine America as it has always existed, an Americana beyond the English language Here it is a dope jam of dictions a remixed, multicultural, polyphonic dance of vocabularies a language of high stakes, hi jinx, and hybridity TWERK is subversive, vulnerable, and volatile TwERK twists tongues TwERK tweaks speech Reading these amazing poems mostly makes me say, Wow Open your ears to take this music in, open your mouth to say it out loud And Wow Terrance Hayes Tweaking parallel languages, rebooting and putting them to hard, hard work, TWERK s non stop shimmy shimmy embarks on an anime iigjag idio lingual lectical booty roll and doesn t come down until the break of dawn La Reina de Harlem responds to Lorca s Big Apple opolis heteroglossia with her own inimitable animations, incantations and ululations, twisting tongues so mellifluously that you don t even realize you ve been dancing on Saturn with Sun Ra for hours and still could have begged for Welcome LaTasha Diggs this is her many splendored night out Maria Damon From this time forward, TWERK, can refer to a collection of cultural coordinates of a radically transformed Americas TWERK is rare poetics, a vine enmeshed onyx slab of gypsum glyphs inscribed Cut, swirly, and nervy, N Diggs s fractal linguistic urban chronicles deftly snip away at the lingering fears of a fugitive English s frisky explorations In her first major work, N Diggs doesn t so much find culture as she conjures up the new emerging happy peoples herein Five thousand updates download now Rodrigo Toscano I ll have to come back and edit this review when I ve had some time to reflect on this collection, and when my mind isn t spinning oO The subtraction of one star can be attributed to my multilingual inefficiency.

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