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True Notebooks: A Writer's Year at Juvenile Hall InMark Salzman, bestselling author Iron and Silk and Lying Awake, paid a reluctant visit to a writing class at LA s Central Juvenile Hall, a lockup for violent teenage offenders, many of them charged with murder What he found so moved and astonished him that he began to teach there regularly In voices of indelible emotional presence, the boys write about what led them to crime and about the lives that stretch ahead of them behind bars We see them coming to terms with their crime ridden pasts and searching for a reason to believe in their future selves Insightful, comic, honest and tragic, True Notebooks is an object lesson in the redemptive power of writing

10 thoughts on “True Notebooks: A Writer's Year at Juvenile Hall

  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Oh for cripes sake Salzman is genius He keeps writing about things I imagine myself to have no interest in, and I keep falling under his spell and becoming fascinated by his subjects Can you imagine lol ing severa

  2. Ken Ken says:

    I loved this book and now I m going to miss it You know the feeling You get comfortable with an author s voice and with his characters, you feel like you re riding shotgun cross country and you re new best friends, an

  3. Debbie Zapata Debbie Zapata says:

    Mark Salzman did not plan to teach a writing class in L.A s Central Juvenile Hall, it sort of just happened after he went to observe a writer friend teach his class This is the story of two years in Salzman s own writing

  4. lark benobi lark benobi says:

    I like Mark Salzman I love his daring way of writing about just about anything He seems like a nice guy on paper and in the documentary his wife made that features him Protagonist But this book felt like a terrible mis step t

  5. David David says:

    This wonderful book has just solidified my chaste intellectual mancrush on Mark Salzman How to convey just how much I liked this book Let me just say that when I get home from D.C it may be time to give my top 20 shelf a thorough

  6. Andrew Hicks Andrew Hicks says:

    Early on inTrue Notebooks , author Mark Salzman acknowledges that this is just onepermutation of the old trope known as White Person Helps Impoverished Brown Children Realize That Art Matters Indeed, this book s working title wasDang

  7. Susan Susan says:

    I read this book because it was recommended as a book to fill the Book Riot Read Harder challenge category of a book written in prison It exceeded expectations Mark Salzman, an award winning writer, is invited to teach a writing class to

  8. Amar Pai Amar Pai says:

    In True Notebooks, Mark Salzman relates his experiences teaching a creative writing class to kids in Los Angeles s Central Juvenile Hall, a lockup for LA s most violent teenage criminals Most of the kids who join his class are in jail for 18

  9. katarzyna katarzyna says:

    I loved this book I ve never read anything else by Salzman and to be honest, none of his other work I ve read just a brief synopsis of each of his other books particularly jumps out to me as something I d be really into However, I love how he pr

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