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Trouble on Cloud City Lando Calrissian offers the twins a rare opportunity a vacation on Cloud City They jump at the chance, as long as their mysterious new friend Anja Gallandro can come along Anja is happy to be included But little do the twins know that they are actually helping Anja hatch her sinister plan A plan that goes far deeper than simple revenge

10 thoughts on “Trouble on Cloud City

  1. Kayla Kayla says:

    3.5 stars

  2. Tia Seitz Tia Seitz says:

    More like 3.5This was a good YA book for the star wars fandom It gave me a good perspective of what happens after the wars from the movies It is also a good introduction into the Fate of the Jedi series

  3. Cameron Cameron says:

    The entries in the Young Jedi Knights series up to this point have, for the most part, been fun and enjoyable reads Trouble on Cloud City, unfortunately, doesn t live up to the standards set by previous books in the series While the adventures in these books have been a source of entertainment for both young and old

  4. Jaime K Jaime K says:

    3.7 stars.The cover is done very well The twins actually look 16, which wasn t the case with the previous book They could easily be my students.I don t know why Leia would be aghast at Jaina s disheveled appearance She was a Rebel and trudged through forests Geez I like how Jaina and Tenel Ka understand each others jealo

  5. Jamie Lott Jamie Lott says:

    When I was a boy, this was the first extension of the beloved film series that I became aware of, and that served as the initial allure for my purchase The problem was, the novelty existed purely in its appeal to my nostalgia The characters, beyond the spice addicted Anja, felt flat and rarely distinguishable from one anothe

  6. Snickt Snackt Snickt Snackt says:

    The overall ride was enjoyable despite the slow start Combat doesn t really seem to be the focus in this volume, instead the group is stuck trying to figure out a mystery for the most part, with what I found interesting lying with the characters Anja as much as I m not a fan of her gets good coverage for the issues that she face

  7. Z Z says:

    Another installment in the Young Jedi Knights saga I m liking Anja s character a lot The way that she s conflicted is portrayed pretty well So far, she hasn t made her complete shift to being a good person, which is refreshing The Solo twins amazingly positive influence hasn t completely succeeded Yet.

  8. James Davis James Davis says:

    When Lando Calrissian asks the young jedi knights if they would like a vacation on cloud city they gladly accept what they didn t know was that their vacation wasof a fight to remain alive I thought it was an execelent book and if you havn t read the young jedi knights series you are missing out on a great series of books.

  9. Ari Ari says:

    I read this whole series several times when I was a kid These were a lot of fun and easy to read They really helped me along my way to enjoy reading and becoming obessed with Star Wars We meet alot of charaters that became close frinds to the reader I feel Anderson was able to identify what a young adult would be lookig for in characters an

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