Tough Island - True Stories from Matinicus, Maine PDF

Tough Island - True Stories from Matinicus, Maine A quick read about Maine s most infamous island Matinicus is the island farthest from the mainland and has a reputation as wild, unwelcoming and well, downright scary This tale reinforces that reputation and adds quite a bit to the drug using and running rumors It s not a romantic rose colored lens view of island life, but it seems to be a fairly accurate portrayal of Matinicus Island life based on what we Mainelanders hear about it. One of the reasons I love Maine is its grit, and Crash Barry captures it beautifully Sure to become a Maine classic. Entertaining and not what you will find in the tourist guides on the Maine islands Great and interesting read about life on one of Maine s remote islands Very fast, entertaining read that barely just barely escapes being the kind of outsiders gawk at islanders fare that he mocks in the book Luckily, I m pretty sure that was on purpose. This is a gem of a memoir Full of bizarre, even gothic tales of life on a small island in remote Maine I also like this as a story of someone wandering in their life. In , Crash Barry moved to Maine s most remote inhabited island to work as a sternman aboard a lobster boat On Matinicus, twenty miles out to sea, population fifty, the ferry visited nine times a year and airplanes only landed when there was no fog, rain, snow, sleet or darkness Tough Island is a gritty memoir and guided tour of a unique society inhabited by resourceful individuals and scoundrels Stories of danger and drugs, sex and violence, death and sorrow, all unfold in a landscape of breathtaking beauty Crash Barry is also the author of the rollicking novel, Sex, Drugs and Blueberries, a Maine story of how quickly things can go wrong Awesome true stories from remote Maine Great, fast read.

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