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To the Back of Beyond A new novel from the Man Booker International finalistAfter returning from a pleasant family holiday, Thomas walks out of the front door and keeps on walking Astrid, his wife, waits for him as long as she can, then puts everything she has into trying to find him But there is little to be done if Thomas intends to stay lostWritten in precise, hypnotic prose, To the Back of Beyond is a graceful and resonant work about identity, connection and freedom, from one of Europe s most important writers

About the Author: Peter Stamm

Peter Stamm grew up in Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau the son of an accountant After completing primary and secondary school he spent three years as an apprentice accountant and then 5 as an accountant He then chose to go back to school at the University of Zurich taking courses in a variety of fields including English studies, Business informatics, Psychology, and Psychopathology During this time he also worked as an intern at a psychiatric clinic After living for a time in New York, Paris, and Scandinavia he settled down in 1990 as a writer and freelance journalist in Zurich He wrote articles for, among others, the Neue Z rcher Zeitung, the Tages Anzeiger, Die Weltwoche, and the satirical newspaper Nebelspalter Since 1997 he has belonged to the editorial staff of the quarterly literary magazine Entw rfe f r Literatur He lives in Winterthur.

10 thoughts on “To the Back of Beyond

  1. Jill Jill says:

    The premise of just walking away from all obligations is certainly interesting, but that is all I can take away from this book There were many details given about irrelevant things and few to no details given to shed light on

  2. Ann Ann says:

    Despicable bastard goes on a hike.

  3. Issicratea Issicratea says:

    When I think of Peter Stamm s novels I have read quite a few over the years what remains of them for me is less their plots or characters or themes than a certain, distinctive atmosphere or mood Stamm turns a cool, distanced eye on human li

  4. Kolumbina Kolumbina says:

    A short novel a quick read and my first book by Swiss writer Peter Stamm which portraits quite well a breakage of Astrid s and Thomas s marriage They were on holidays with their young children, returned home, the couple had a glass of wine in thei

  5. Wally Wood Wally Wood says:

    Am I the only husband who has thought once or twice about walking away from his wife and children Just taking off and leaving one life behind for an entirely unplanned, unstructured, utterly free new life That s what Thomas no last name , a middle aged,

  6. Kami Kami says:

    Read for a description of what it would look like to walk through villages and mountains of Switzerland Don t read for plot, character development, or anything thought provoking beyond a very literal then possibly very nonliteral answer to the question What wou

  7. Kevan Dale Kevan Dale says:

    While the writing itself was quite good, I found the characters to be both inscrutable and unbelievable As much as I wanted to find some purchase for empathy, I couldn t, unfortunately.

  8. Ana Ana says:

    I found this quite a hard book to get into.The story is about a man Thomas who one day, without any prompting, or marital fight, or seemingly any random reason at all, decides to walk away from his happy life with his wife and two children After he walks off, the story is to

  9. Amy Amy says:

    Oh, boy.If I were to label this book, I d say that it is an absolute must read for a book club Given that the demographics for most book clubs indicates that they are comprised largely of women, I would LOVE to be a part of a book club that read this one.On the evening that his fam

  10. John Kaye John Kaye says:

    Short and intense The writing seems both bleak and rich the descriptions are simple and spare but leave a strong impression, so kudos to the translator And the interior life, I felt, was captured well I suspect you need to be older to feel this.

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