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To Know a Woman A New York Times Notable Book of the Year To Know a Woman has the powerful undertow of myth A rich and affecting novel New York TimesFollowing the accidental death of his wife, Israeli secret service agent Yoel Ravid retires to the suburbs with his daughter, mother, and mother in law After a lifetime of uncovering other people s secrets, he is forced to look back on his own the desolate enigma of his wife s life and death, his years of service to the state, the riddle of his daughter s behavior Amos Oz infuses Yoel s story with poetry, humor, and a vivid sense of the madness inherent in everyday existence His language is Hebrew, his setting Israel, his message is universal Boston Jewish Times

About the Author: Amos Oz

Amos Oz Hebrew born Amos Klausner was an Israeli writer, novelist, journalist and intellectual He was also a professor of literature at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba He was regarded as Israel s most famous living author.Oz s work has been published in 42 languages in 43 countries, and has received many honours and awards, among them the Legion of Honour of France, the Goethe Prize, the Prince of Asturias Award in Literature, the Heinrich Heine Prize and the Israel Prize In 2007, a selection from the Chinese translation of A Tale of Love and Darkness was the first work of modern Hebrew literature to appear in an official Chinese textbook.Since 1967, Oz had been a prominent advocate of a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

10 thoughts on “To Know a Woman

  1. Marc Marc says:

    Israeli Yoel Arvid, a 47 year old man of Romanian descent, is brilliant at reading other people, discovering their motives and uncovering their lies No wonder he s the perfect analyst at the Mossad, apparently the best secret service in the world At the start of the novel, Yoel s world has collapsed his wife Ivria died in a mysterious electrocution accident while he was on a foreign mission With his 16 year old adolescent daughter Netta, he moves from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, in a rented h Isra

  2. Ferret Ferret says:

    Telling the story of a retired Mossad agent coming to terms with the sacrifices he made for his career and his family in the wake of his wife s death, it is a challenging book of startling clarity Its primary theme, as the title suggests, is knowledge The protagonist, as a spy, has spent his life wrapped up in a quest for certain kinds of knowledge He is an expert at evaluating the value of a piece of knowledge And again and again, when he receives a new piece, the book repeats the same line Telling

  3. Sally Boots Sally Boots says:

    To Know a Woman After the sudden death of his wife, Yoel moves slowly through the world in a disoriented fog He obsessively microanalyses the details and events in his life and tries to make sense of the women who surround him This book is exquisitely written It s a great choice if you re in the mood for beautiful, meditative descriptions and gentle plot development The conversations between Yoel and his kvetchy mother and mother in law both of whom have moved in with him cracked me up I To Know a Woman Af

  4. Bookmaniac70 Bookmaniac70 says:

    I liked the style,especially some of the descriptions but the story lacked imagination and was politically overloaded The ending was quite naive and simple the main character went to work as a volunteer in a hospital,to redeem his sins.Anyway,I would give this writer a second chance.I would like to try A Tale of Love and Darkness Let s hope he has beensincere in its writing I liked the style,especially some of the descriptions but the story lacked imagination and was politically overloaded The ending was quite na

  5. Xhevat Xhevat says:

    I expected muchfrom this book I don t think it has much to do with knowing a woman itslike the life of a man after his wife s death.the writing was good.

  6. Hermien Hermien says:

    Nothing very exciting happens but I loved the feel of the story Reminded me of AB Yehoshua s writing or maybe it s the other way around and this book came first.

  7. Thomas Wilder Thomas Wilder says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I don t know what expectations I had about a book with such a title Curiously, I was expecting for some secrets to be revealed, for some kinda of a deep immersion into women s way of thinking Ha How gullible of me to think so Seriously, people who read this book to discover some hidden wisdom on this eternal topic, and are headstrong to find it, put this book down Amos Oz doesn t reveal any secrets one would expect to be revealed here Instead, he crafts a

  8. Elizabeth Fuller Elizabeth Fuller says:

    Overall, I thought this book was pretty dull It belongs to a small sub genre of books that our book club seems to hit on occasionally, which I would call books about morose often Jewish middle age or older men trying to make sense of their lives Others in the book club seem to like them, but I rarely connectso maybe it s just me I find the characters mostly unlikeable, the overall mood very blah and the stories pretty plot less, and this one was no exception Others books I d put in Overall, I thought this book was pretty dull It belongs to

  9. Alexander Struk Alexander Struk says:

    Like many of Amos Oz s other novels, To Know A Woman was meditative, beautifully written, and full of eclectic and well crafted characters I enjoyed it, but ultimately found it less satisfying than most of his other books For me, I felt like the balance between character development and plot was weighted too much towards character which sapped the novel of some of the energy and movement it could have had For someone who is just exploring Amos Oz for the first time, I would probably recommend Like many of Amos Oz s other novels, To Know A Woman wa

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    When I read the summary of this book I thought it was going to be a certain type of book emotionally detached man estranged from wife, absent with daughter, mid life crisis drives him to drinking affairs crisis, etcblah blah blah But the books is so muchthan that and so absolutely mesmerizing The writing is fantastic.

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