The Wild Marsh: Four Seasons at Home in Montana MOBI

The Wild Marsh: Four Seasons at Home in Montana The Wild Marsh is Rick Bass s most mature, full account of life in the Yaak and a crowning achievement in his celebrated career It begins with his family settling in for the long Montana winter, and captures all the subtle harbingers of change that mark each passing month the initial cruel teasing of spring, the splendor and fecundity of summer, and the bittersweet memories evoked by fallIt is full of rich observation about what it takes to live in the valley ruggedness, improvisation and, of course, duct tape The Wild Marsh is also tremendously poignant, especially when Bass reflects on what it means for his young daughters to grow up surrounded by the strangeness and wonder of nature He shares with them the Yaak s little secrets where the huckleberries are best in a dry year, where to find a grizzly s claw marks in an old cedar and discovers that passing on this intimate local knowledge, the knowledge of home, is a kind of rare and valuable loveBass emerges not just as a writer but as a father, a neighbor, and a gifted observer, uniquely able to bring us close to the drama and sanctity of small things, ensuring that though the wilderness is increasingly at risk, the voice of the wilderness will not disappear

10 thoughts on “The Wild Marsh: Four Seasons at Home in Montana

  1. Kerri Anne Kerri Anne says:

    Sometimes I think Bass really gets it And sometimes I think he s too far deep in his own head to get much of anything And all the times I think he needs a good editor or twenty to help him curtail his repetitive sentences sections seasons My primary issu

  2. Sarah Boon Sarah Boon says:

    Rick Bass is a legendary nature writer, mixing poetry into his prose until you feel you re standing next to him in his forested Montana landscape This was the first long Bass book I read, and it floored me with his intimate connection to nature and his abili

  3. Matt Matt says:

    Love the concept, love the imagery, would have loved to have seen some brevity This is Dillard, without the sharp insight Kingsolver, without the humanity Leopold, without the ethic It should not take a year to read the journal of a year, is what I m saying You

  4. David Kessler David Kessler says:

    The seasons pass in a single year living at the wild marsh in Yaak, Montana country.You feel like you are living there And you experience the change in the seasons in Western Montana.

  5. Marlène Marlène says:

    Apr s un passage par l tape Walden, qui tait une bonne id e de lecture pr liminaire un nouveau tome de Bass, nous y voil donc.Ce livre est un peu plus long et la fois proche et diff rent des autres contes de Bass sur la vall e de Yaak et son quotidien dans cet environne

  6. Andy Miller Andy Miller says:

    A collection of essays about the Yaak valley and nature by one of my favorite writers, Rick Bass There are twelve essays about living in Yaak, one for each month I found that his writing made me want to be outside and doing the things he does, which is a testament to his wr

  7. Skipr Skipr says:

    The sharpness of the seasons in the Montana Rockies as described by Bass is such a contrast with what I ve known on the Gulf Coast I m sure I d tire of snow from November to April especially with the brutal cold of Montana But the rapid change of it all valleys to mountains, sp

  8. Matt Matt says:

    A lovely interpretation about land that most people don t know much about Mr Bass writes with simplicity about contemplations on mans place in nature The sort of book and writing that one savors rather than chews up.I really enjoyed it, the writing occasionally drags and drifts but

  9. Mike Mike says:

    Bass, noted storyteller and environmental activist, shares a month by month accounting of life in remote Yaak Valley of northwestern Montana Both a journey and a journal, he recounts the day to day events of life in the midst of the truly wild Lyrical, contemplative and loving, Bass in

  10. Ryan Ryan says:

    his is a beautifully written book about the passing of four seasons at the author s home in the Yaak valley of NW Montana If you like Terry Tempest Williams or Aldo Leopold, then you will enjoy this book It is a little hard to get through because there is no real story, just observations o

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