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The Wicked When Eliza Christianson sets off from the polygamist enclave of Blister Creek to search for a lost brother, she must evade the machinations of her polygamist father while combating a doomsday sect that believes it knows the day, hour, and minute that the world will endBookof the bestselling Righteous series, The Wicked is trademark Michael Wallace the strange world of a polygamist enclave, characters that jump off the page, and a plot that will keep the reader engrossed until the final, violent confrontation The Wicked is a full length novel of about , words, ormanuscript pagesNY Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner wrote about The Righteous Deeply engrossing Michael Wallace delivers the thinking man s thriller while establishing one of the freshest male leads in crime fiction Jacob Christianson, an aspiring doctor and cult elder s favored son Jacob s analytic nature has him questioning everything, including the nature of God and the sexist politics of polygamy It also makes him a perfect fit to track down a killer whose grisly crimes threaten Jacob s community, family, and soon, his very life Wallace is the author of several thrillers, including The Devil s Deep and The Red Rooster, and is co author of the top five technothriller Implant, with Jeffrey Anderson

10 thoughts on “The Wicked

  1. JC JC says:

    This series just seems to getridiculous as it goes along The FLDS church apparently is trying to kill everyone and cover everything up I m pretty sure it s not as bad as it s being made out in these books Still, I found myself enjoying the book for the most part and the suspense of what was coming and who was behind it was interesting This is a book for those who have enjoyed the others in the series.

  2. Phillip Cushman Phillip Cushman says:

    Drats Read first three one after the other and was anxious for 4 but it won t be out until October.

  3. Paula Paula says:

    Enjoyed another suspenseful book of the escapades of Eliza and her family A very good read

  4. Gail Gail says:

    Captivating read with a lot of violenceWhat a storyteller Michael Wallace captivates, intrigues, and keeps you turning those pages wantingHis research is amazing and makes the story so much better There is a lot of evil and violence, maybe insanity, but definitely suspense and action What will happen between the Christiansons and Kimballs next

  5. Christine Christine says:

    Great seriesI am enjoying this series very much It has a polygamist background, yet adventure, suspense and you come to live the characters.

  6. Paola Paola says:

    Please note this review also appears on under my username Esofagus I have an interest in religious cults so when this book appeared on myVine list, I was immediately interested I realised that The Wicked was the third instalment from an existing series, but I was encouraged by the fact that most reviewers said the story would still make sense even without having read Book 1 and 2.I must admit that initially I found the plot confusing different faction

  7. David-Lynn Anderson David-Lynn Anderson says:

    Very good The setting of the story is a religious cult with mutliple wives and beliefs that girls should accept arranged marriages to old men This book is part of a series I was initially put off by a topic that I was uncomfortable with But once I got past that and settled into the story, it was a good mystery involving a murder investigation and featuring interesting characters.One is Jacob who is studying to be a doctor and is struggling with his faith and res

  8. Elaine Elaine says:

    Like many have already said, the series keeps getting better and better Jacob and Eliza are interesting characters as are the supporting characters who appear and reappear in the series I honestly thought this would be my last of the series because during parts of book 1 and 2, I kept thinking that I can t handle the level of evil from the antagonists, but I don t think I can stop reading now Too many plotlines yet to be resolved There are truly evil characters but

  9. Janet Janet says:

    Another great one in the series Eliza isprominent in this one It was very violent in some of plots but I thought the author did a good job letting you feel the terror but not taking it too far I also liked the twists and turns and a bitmystery to think about for future series books My favorite character though had to be Sister Miriam, she has such an interesting story line Trial by Fury A Righteous Novella added some good insight to this as well Keep up the good work Fo

  10. J.F. Penn J.F. Penn says:

    Fantastic book, I finished it in two sessions Eliza is a great heroine she is feisty and strong, but still sticks to her faith, although she is clearly capable of some pretty spectacular feats when it comes to defending herself and those she protects As someone who knows little about polygamists, this was a fascinating insight into the world, and is a sympathetic portrayal in many ways, sensitively done so as not to be offensive Yet the religious extremists are characterize

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