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The Used Women's Book Club On the night a book group meets to swap novels, the husband of one of its members borrows a flat in which to have an illicit affair It isn t the first time Larry has made himself scarce for one of Rob s adulterous flings, but tonight Rob is viciously beaten to death with a fisherman s hook Is a modern day Jack the Ripper on the loose Can Larry work out who will be attacked next And what is the link to the Used Women s Book Club The suspicion and fear growing between this group of friends is making them all sick to their stomachs as the killer tears along, leaving blood and lives strewn through the streets of East London Entertaining, good throughout, right up till the end which seemed a bit rushed to me Worth the read though Geen idee meer waarom deze op mijn verlanglijstje stond Ik had hem er al jaren op staan Het is best een onderhoudende thriller, die pas aan het eind echt spannend wordt en een beetje met een kunstgreep eindigt. I found this a really easy read and I was quite drawn into it, having no idea what the outcome would be and who the murderer was I was quite disappointed by the ending though, I can t explain why, it was certainly an unforeseen twist but just seemed a little unrealistic.

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