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The Trials of Blackbriar Academy I shouldn t be here, and everyone knows it Blackbriar Academy is an enchanted school on a magical island, and everyone wants in It s a home away from home for the most advanced mages in the world and only the absolute best of the best are given an invitation By some freak accident, I managed to get one If I pass the trials, I get to stay With nowhere else to go, Blackbriar is my one shot at having a real life, and I won t let anyone take this from me But there s a catch It turns out the people on this island are being trained to hunt the darkness basically, they re being trained to hunt me To survive, I have to hide what I am As a half mage, I shouldn t have any magic at all And yet, my natural abilities are almost impossibly powerful and incredibly illegal Over history, magic like mine has corrupted the souls of those who were born with it They ve all gone dark razing towns and murdering hundreds of thousands throughout history All but me, and I have no idea why As the trials get and challenging, it s clear I m being hunted If I m caught I die At Blackbriar Academy, nothing is ever as it seems but I have nowhere else to go Nothing, and no one, will stand in my way The Trials of Blackbriar Academy is a full length novel with a powerfully magical heroine, a riveting storyline, and an alternative relationship dynamic that supports our badass heroine s right to choose than one man Get ready for a breathtaking story, soulmate romance, lip biting love scenes, mind blowing magic, one kickass heroine, four gorgeous men, lots of toned muscles, fights to the death, and edge of your seat action This is a heart pounding story filled with an academy fantasy romance unlike anything you ve read before Buckle in for heart pounding action, breathtaking magic, deadly assassins, four drop dead gorgeous leading men, lots of toned muscles, and most importantly a young woman s journey of justice, self discovery, and freedom READ THE WHOLE SERIES The Blackbriar Academy a riveting and addictive academy fantasy romance series BookThe Trials of Blackbriar Academy BookThe Shadows of Blackbriar Academy BookThe Hex of Blackbriar Academy AugBookThe Blood Oath of Blackbriar Academy SeptBookThe Battle for Blackbriar Academy OctPublisher s NoteThe Blackbriar Academy saga is a reverse harem series with explicit scenes and is meant for mature readers who enjoy spellbinding stories with a few very steamy, fan your face moments in their fantasy fiction

10 thoughts on “The Trials of Blackbriar Academy

  1. Marguerite (M) Marguerite (M) says:

    Rating Undecided yetI am quite confused about this book I was totally engrossed in the story while reading it but in the end, I did not really enjoy it.It took me a couple of chapters to get into it but once Wren reached the Academy, I pretty much read the book in one sitting It has everything to be entertaining action, magic, romance, a bit of adventure The thing is, while I was completely pulled in the story, I did not co

  2. Paula Paula says:

    It s like Harry Potter, but with reverse harem and a girl as the main character.

  3. Tiera McMillian Tiera McMillian says:

    2.5 3 stars So yea. usually I m all about some Olivia Ash books her heroines usually hook me pretty quick This book was no different when it came to the heroine herself Sassy, funny, a little self depreciating, sarcastic and a tad rebellious Wren is a typical Olivia Ash heroine Unfortunately, the story itself isn t one of my favorites by this author I felt lie Wren was the only rounded character in the whole book. and honestly she

  4. BookFiend BookFiend says:

    This book felt underdeveloped and rushed I actually have no sense of how much time passed in the story due to all the jumps and lack of detail, and it felt like easy plot devices were used to move the story forward without any explanation or integration into the story Ton of tell rather than show such as the FMC s friendship developed with Savannah She could just tell she was good and they would be friends Why I have no idea who Savann

  5. Gemma Cusack Gemma Cusack says:

    Good but The book started off really good but just over halfway through I started to struggle I got through to the end but if I never hear the phrase my magic reacts to them or some sort of variation on it onetime it would still be too soon I get trying to describe a situation but when it s repeated every few pages it just distracts me from the story After the fifth time I ve got it down to a T on how she and her magic felt around them Thi

  6. Angela Armstrong Angela Armstrong says:

    Cool adventure I love adventure harems and this one does not disappoint Wren s childhood was happy until her mother died Shortly after, her father disappears and then she s kidnapped by forest trolls Finally she has a chance to escape, a chance at a better future, but is she jumping from the frying pan into the fire Four men seem determined to protect her from danger and from herself Will she listen to them And Gideon Ugh Love it

  7. Elb4966 Elb4966 says:

    Normally I only give 1 s if grammar is atrocious or if the novel is a complete disaster The grammar isn t atrocious, and the novel is not a complete disaster, but there are so many things wrong with this book that I had to give it 1 star From the language not being unified going from using modern terms and idioms to trying to form a mystic like language to things magically appearing so that the plot can move forward Many other things occur in the

  8. Denise Denise says:

    Wow I loved this first book in the new series by Olivia Ash It has a great heroine and four fantastic love interests It also has a great story The world building is awesome I can t wait to find out what is going to happen with Wren and her men in the rest of the books I got to read this book as an advanced reader and my review is voluntary Don t miss the chance to start this one at the beginning and read the books as they are released I don t want to

  9. Evelyn Evelyn says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Mehthat really didn t make much sense It started out good and interesting and pretty original So I was excited and wanted the heroine to show her badass ass kicking skills But once she ended up at the academy most of the time I was preoccupied with rolling my eyes Nothings made sense and really all reactions and interactions with those people were ridiculous and totally illogi

  10. Jackie Jackie says:

    DNF quit at 48%Authors, quit following trends, come up with your own unique ideas There are too many academy books out there that are way better than this, there are a ton of academy books out there right now for new books being released, I don t see much else , as that s the latest trend for Paranormal authors, I guess What a waste of my time This story just seemslike a rough draft than a completed book There really isn t a world building, I don t grant the

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