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The Shop Window Murders Mander s Stores is the newest department store in London But when its owner and a young shop worker are discovered murdered amongst the mannequins of the window display, the Store becomes the centre of a decidedly less savoury kind of sensation Inspector Devenish of the Yard investigates and finds evidence of blackmail, fraudulent patents, tangled love affairs and embezzlement Devenish is soon forced to admit that there might possibly be such a thing as too many clues Originally published inin Collins s celebrated Crime Club imprint, this is a classic British mystery from the golden age of detective fiction

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  1. Leah Leah says:

    How much is that body in the window In the run up to Christmas, Mander s Department Store puts on an elaborate window display to attract the attention of passing shoppers It turns out the display is evenelaborate than they intended, though, when onlookers spot that two of the figures aren t mannequins in fact, they re corpses One is Mr Mander himself, the brains behind the store, while the o

  2. Lisa Kucharski Lisa Kucharski says:

    The discovery of dead bodies in a window display prompts the police to arrive and to detangle an array of clues that seem to point in all directions Defensible, from the police, sifts through many of the clues and interviews to determine down to what is really going on The plotting is really intense, and the sifting is as well The interviews are interesting as the characters who are suspects

  3. John John says:

    While the plot was reasonably interesting, I felt that the characters were very bland and the ending unsatisfactory I found it quite hard work.

  4. Eric Eric says:

    Most enjoyable puzzle with lots of misdirection and red herring.Excellent characterisation.My main quibble is that the solution comes in a confession with the main detective saying it was what he suspected This is one of the less satisfactory ways of ending a detective novel.Recommended.

  5. Linda Brue Linda Brue says:

    THE SHOP WINDOW MURDERS, Vernon Loder, 1930 2018With an introduction by Nigel Moss Mander s Department Store modeled, no doubt, after Selfridges in London s West End boasts huge windows with dazzling displays, so Christmas shoppers gathered to see the blinds being raised on the new holiday display are at first thrilled at the sight, but are quickly sickened upon realizing that one of the figures

  6. Jillian Jillian says:

    This takes police procedural quite literally We follow the reasoning, the fact checking, the questioning in short, the thinking of the investigator I read crime fiction primarily for the puzzle solving and human understanding, so this kept me interested but a bit bemused The detailed focus on procedure is not the best way to tell a story We don t need ALL the detail Nevertheless, it was an enjoya

  7. Liselotte Liselotte says:

    This isn t a bad book pers , but it s just incredibly BORING I just didn t want to finish the book, and if you don t even want to know who did the murder, what else is keeping you So I m unfortunately DNF ing.

  8. Kate Kate says:

    For my full review click on the link below For my full review click on the link below

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