The Rhythm of Riddles: Three Byomkesh Bakshi Mysteries

The Rhythm of Riddles: Three Byomkesh Bakshi Mysteries Saradindu Bandyopadyay s immortal detective Byomkesh Bakshi has enjoyed immense popularity for several decades From being a household name in the Calcutta of s, when he first created, to a popular face on TV in the s, Byomkesh along with his friend cum foil Ajit is perhaps the best loved of India s literary detectives This collection brings together three of his classic whodunnits From a murder in a boarding house with too many suspects to a mystery with a supernatural twist, and then busting a black marketeering ring in rural bengal, these stories take the super sleuth to different locales on his quest for truth, and bring out his ingenuity and astuteness Translated into English for the first time by award winning translator Arunava Sinha, the breathless pace and thrilling plots of these action packed adventures will win Byomkesh a new genertion of admirers

10 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Riddles: Three Byomkesh Bakshi Mysteries

  1. Vishy Vishy says:

    This is the first book I read for Diverse Detectives Month Or rather the first three books I decided to start with a book which had a collection of Byomkesh Bakshi mysteries After finishing one book, I decided to read another and then another I think there are only three translated collections of Byomkesh Bakshi mysteries in English Now I have read them all The three books I read were Picture Imperfect , The Menagerie and The Rhythm of Rid

  2. A Man Called Ove A Man Called Ove says:

    2.5 5 This book contains 3 Byomkesh short stories translated from Bengali Surprisingly, the first of the three is the worst crime fiction I have ever read The second story had supernatural elements and was genuinely good, the third was decent The writing style is a but dry.I have been reading Satyajit Ray s Feluda omnibus for d past 3 4 days and decided to pick this one up from d library forof the same and a little change too But, Feluda st

  3. Arunayan Sharma Arunayan Sharma says:

    Fabulous detective stories.

  4. Sohini Sarkar Sohini Sarkar says:

    There are only 3 novellas in this edition out of total of 33 stories which feature Byomkesh and it is primarily written for children between the 7 14 years Out of the 3 stories, Byomkesh O Barada and The Death of Amrito are good stories the narrative is captivating and the revelation catches you by surprise Few tit bits about Byomkesh, Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay and some background about the stories are given at the end of the book.

  5. Prerak Punyani Prerak Punyani says:

    After reading this anthology have really nice stories of Byomkesh bakshi First Indian detective that has gain respect in bengal and after series on DD all over India Stories are even better than series, tv or cinema has certain limitations but words give free rien to your imagination Have been admirer of English and scandinavian detective fiction but fell in love with this indian detective fiction because to read whole thing in indian milieu i

  6. Ankita Ankita says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I d watched the DoorDarshan episodes of at least 2 of these mysteries, following them with Byomkesh Babu in such detail was great BB remains to this day, my favourite detective

  7. Sampurna Ghosh Sampurna Ghosh says:

    This book consist of 3 stories.a The rhythm of riddlesb Byomkesh and bardac The death of AmritoAmong these 3 The death of Amrito was the one I liked most Recently it was made into a movie by Arindam Sil by the title Byomkesh Parbo where Satyabati is forcefully pushed into the storyline.The story is simple Amrito or Amra dies and Byomkesh try to solve his murder which has its roots in arms smuggling after 2nd world war.key features of the book1 I

  8. Ravi Teja Ravi Teja says:

    Sometimes it s so difficult to write a review The story is so engrossing that you are just lost in it without any other peripheral thoughts You tend to not look for patterns or observe any follies This book has been one of those kinds Just open it, read it, and enjoy it The translation is very smooth.Given all my praise you might wonder why only 4 stars, that s because in the first story there s a back story that s not told to readers and even in

  9. Likesh M V Likesh M V says:

    Even though not the best from the author , this was a wonderful read Taking enough cues from the master detective Holmes , Saradindu Bandhyopadhyay weaves the stories in a stylish way Byomkesh Bakshi , like Holmes has peculiar tastes He s pretty much into tea , and smokes quiet often A sucker for mysteries , Mr Bakshi never hesitates to step into any quagmire.The collection includes three stories and each one of them is written in a lucid manner S

  10. subzero subzero says:

    3.75 5 The stories were great The second story, Byomkesh and the Barada was aired on doordarshan, and I remember watching it as a child I think that is my earliest memory of being scared by something on TV that stayed with me The translation, though, has simplified things to the extent of it feeling very out of touch with the stories It s weird to read a 1940s novel with 2010s English.If anyone here has recommendations of other better bengali popul

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