The Resurrection Key MOBI æ The Resurrection

The Resurrection Key In the most thrilling instalment in the explosive Wilde and Chase series, the intrepid pair must race against time before a deadly power is unleashed on the worldWorld famous archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband, ex SAS solder Eddie Chase, think they have left their days of dangerous adventures behind At home with desk jobs and daily routines, they are just like any other familyHowever, when an ancient and astonishing civilisation buried deep in the Antarctic ice is woken, Nina and Eddie must confront the gravest threat they ve ever facedTravelling from New York to New Zealand, from the cities of Europe to the outback of Australia, they must try to understand the formidable power that has been unleashed But pursued by shadowy mercenaries and sinister government spies, the clock is ticking before the entire planet is in peril

About the Author: Andy McDermott

Andy McDermott was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and now lives in Bournemouth As a journalist and magazine editor, amongst other titles he edited DVD Review and the iconoclastic film publication Hotdog Andy is now a full time writer.

10 thoughts on “The Resurrection Key

  1. Kate Kate says:

    I love this series and I ve enjoyed reading them all over the years so I bought this the day it came out and immediately started reading The storyline continues those of recent novels but the good news is that Macy is now 10 and is no longer an irritation In fact, she s becoming an interesting character in her own right I do miss the old days but this is as good as the last one, t

  2. Sean Newgent Sean Newgent says:

    DNF 33%Nina and Eddie have been a part of my life for over ten years now Discovered on the used book rack of a local store in my final year of middle school, The Hunt for Atlantis was exactly what a thirteen year old kid needed in his life Violence, cussing, a little history And the series continued to be my go to for nonstop action entertainment until a few years ago when I realized the

  3. Douglas Misquita Douglas Misquita says:

    A book by Andy McDermott is something I look forward to in the last quarter of each year however, sadly, this time, I was exhausted The second and third acts of the book one mammoth action sequence was overwhelming I mean, I prefer action sequences to be fast this went on and onNevertheless, as always, well thought out and a worthy addition to the WildeChase series.

  4. Mary Mary says:

    Holy moly Another nonstop thrill ride by Andy McDermott I have mixed emotions about what may be the last Wilde Chase adventure Why the last I m not sure, it just seems like it given the last sentence in the book Wanna know what it was Read the book Now, about those mixed emotions It was the usual thrill ride but it seemed really over the this time There was hardly an opportunity to take a breath befor

  5. Mitch Mitch says:

    The end of the Chase and Wilde era I really enjoyed the earlier books, they were fantastic, we got to know Eddie and Nina, we joined them on a wild ride across the world in search of some of history s lost artefacts and mysteries But now, its time to say goodbye I m afraid The previous book The Spear of Atlantis failed to impress me and I went into this one hoping things would pick up and get back on trackTh

  6. Tanya Tanya says:

    Nina Wilde and her husband Eddie Chase get caught up in another adventure when one of Nina s archeology students brings to her attention a mystery about a race of fallen angels from mythology and the bible called the Nephilim These ancient beings who are giants are woken from a very long time in stasis to discover their tribe have been not discovered and that humans now are the natural inhabitants of earth The Neph

  7. Tom Chapman Tom Chapman says:

    After a couple of so so entries in the series, Nina and Eddie return with a bang The added idea of the Chinese accelerating the death of the world adds intrigue to this story, not knowing who is what side Although Andy McDermott often pushes the boundaries beyond realism and loses a basis in myth and legend, this entry verges on going too far and becomingscience fiction than adventure.When McDermott sticks at action and a

  8. Bobbie Bobbie says:

    Wilde and Chase 15 Starts out with exciting find of a cave in an iceberg in the Antarctic Mostly entertaining but I just can t accept the author s weird theories about ancient civilizations existing before humans and being extremely advanced All the stuff about Atlantis gets boring 10 year old daughter is irritating Dialogue is often juvenile The ending was so frenetic and confusing that I just skimmed through it Would be enjoya

  9. Lee Willie Lee Willie says:

    The series is back on trackWith this latest novel in the Wilde and Chase series, I can finally say the books are back on track A couple of years ago they seemed to loose their way a little and even though they were enjoyable the lacked a little something.This one has all the thrills and excitement you expect from this action packed series and builds on the previous novels in unexpected ways.I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

  10. Auds Banares Auds Banares says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here It s a thrilling over the top adventure that true to form takes you on a dare i say it Wilde Chase across the world It s certainly a treat for fans of the series who will be able to recognize some of the inside jokes thrown in there such as Eddie s fake accents It s fun, it s familiar, just a little less swearing from Eddie because Macy s along for the ride altoge

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