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The Reign of Christ the King Proves that Christ, being God, has an absolute right to reign in our social and political lives, as well as in our personal lives This book is easy to read and important for our times, in which secularism and pluralism reign supreme Provocative on every page

10 thoughts on “The Reign of Christ the King

  1. April April says:

    Excellent Only complaint is that it s too short Be the leaven Get educated in the faith, and then educate others.

  2. Randy Shed Jr. Randy Shed Jr. says:

    Straight forward and to the pointI appreciate this book because it is short, clear, and concise It presents its argument clearly and without fluff It doesn t waste time getting to the point A quick read as well

  3. Bryanna Bryanna says:

    Clear and concise Very illustrative of a correct Catholic orientation to God s precedence over all affairs Thank you for making this available on Kindle.

  4. David A Homoney David A Homoney says:

    Another gem by Michael Davies, a true son of the Church Requiem dona ei Domine et lux perpetua luceat ei Requiescat in pace.

  5. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    Has inspired me to read Liberalism is a Sin by Fr Felix Sarda

  6. Dave Wilson Dave Wilson says:

    Must read for Catholics.Mr Davies brief treatise should be required reading for Catholics worldwide, that question what has happened these last fifty years in the Church.

  7. Steve Cunningham Steve Cunningham says:

    A great call to action He puts things right out there in simple terms with no holding back approach Get it get a few to pass to others Tan books offers discounts for that Great line from page 27 We must make the social reign of Christ the King possible today If we do not do all that is in our power to restore the Social Kingship of Our Lord, we are not worthy of ou

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