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The Rake A Regency romp about a young lady who vows revenge on the rakish lord who loved and left her, only to find herself unexpectedly caught in Cupid s net along with the handsome viscount when her plan to love and leave him backfires

About the Author: Suzanne Enoch

Suzanne was born in Southern California sometime in the latter half of the 20th century In the way that some people are born knowing they want to be astronauts or cellists, Suzanne always knew she wanted to be a writer Early dreams of becoming a zoologist and writing true stories about her adventures in Africa were crushed, however, after she viewed a television special about the world s most poisonous snakes she did NOT want to write about how she d been bitten and lost a limb to a cobra Thankfully at the same time the movie Star Wars premiered, and she realized that she could make up adventures and write about them, and not be eaten by deadly predators while doing research.She dabbled in romantic fantasy writing for a year or two after graduating with a degree in English from the University of California, Irvine, until her affection for traditional Regency romances led her to write one for fun After several encouraging rejections from publishers, she snared the interest of the world s best and most patient literary agent, who advised her to revise the manuscript This ultimately led to the publication of her first book, The Black Duke s Prize, from Avon Books in the Spring of 1995 A second Regency, Angel s Devil, followed that Fall.When Avon folded its traditional Regency line, Suzanne was encouraged to try her hand at historical romance As she remained keenly interested in England s Regency period, she decided to attempt another manuscript set in that time Lady Rogue hit the shelves in March of 1997 She wrote a total of 29 books for Avon, including two anthologies and a five part contemporary series which received a pair of starred reviews from Publishers Weekly One of those books, Twice the Temptation, was named one of the five best romances of the year by PW in 2007.In 2002 her well known love of all things Star Wars led to an invitation to appear on the E channel in the television special Star Wars The Force Is Back , where she discussed the romance in the movie series and ended up withair time than George Lucas.In 2010 Suzanne left Avon Books for St Martin s Press, where she continues to pen historical romance novels Her 31st book, Taming an Impossible Rogue, is set to arrive in March 2012.Suzanne is known for her humorous characters, sexy bad boys, and whip sharp, witty dialogue She currently resides in Placentia, California with several hundred guppies and various other tropical fish, and handful of very loud, spinach loving finches And her collection of action figures and statues from Star Wars , Lord of the Rings , X Men , and Pirates of the Caribbean Everybody needs some inspiration, after SuzanneEnoch

10 thoughts on “The Rake

  1. Dina Dina says:

    I avoided reading this book for some time because I wasn t too keen on the idea of a hero ruining a heroine s reputation for a wager and going away without a care Well, I should ve known better than trust a book blurb The general idea is there, but events don t fold exactly like that On the contrary, Tristan was a very likeable hero, who d never meant to hurt Georgie and did everything he could to save her reputation and suc

  2. Gio Listmaker Gio Listmaker says:

    The HeroineThe HeroME Over it The HeroineThe HeroME Over it

  3. Rane Rane says:

    When Lady Georgiana Halley loses her innocence to Viscount Dare she s heartbroken and ashamed to learn it was all for a wager Now six years later, Georgiana thinks it about time Dare get s taught a lesson Only when the lesson backfires Georgiana s heart is yet again on the line and this time Dare won t give her up without a fightI was so happy I found this hidden away on my TBR shelf, after reading a recent Suzanne Enoch book, I wasn t all

  4. Catherine Catherine says:

    4.5 Stars I first read this book so long ago that I don t exactly remember when it was I have reread this trilogy many times over the years, but I still enjoy it each time It s been at least a year or two since the last reread, so the dialogue and exact events had faded enough that it felt like a rediscovery.I am a fan of second chance romances and the frenemies to lovers trope, and this definitely fit the bill for both Second chances can sometimes

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    This could easily have been a great book for me a hero and heroine who actually have a backstory that is actually interesting he entered a wager that involved stealing a kiss and a stocking from her, he slept with her in the process, and after thinking he only did so to win a bet because we must have a huge misunderstanding somewhere , she is now afraid to trust anyone , great supporting characters I hope his brothers and aunts keep showing up later in the

  6. Eastofoz Eastofoz says:

    This book is so good Tristan and Georgiana have this red hot love hate thing happening right up to the end The jabs they give each other are wicked but all the while they re aching desperately for each other which makes for top notch romance There are some great twists and turns and sex in some very unexpected places refreshing for a regency What s so good is that it doesn t follow the typical regency story line they meet, they don t like each, there are the rules

  7. WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker says:

    Started off so well, witty fun dialogue and interaction between the two characters But good golly the middle and ending of the book was like wading through molasses in winter The heroine s trust issues with the hero appear and then reappear and reappear and reappear Look lady, maybe instead of flipping the freak out immediately when a stranger relays some info you re upset to hear, perhaps instead, take a breathe and ask your dude wtf, do you know what this is about I can

  8. Fani *loves angst* Fani *loves angst* says:

    A really sweet and slightly humorous romance without anything extraordinary but very well written.It s the story of Tristan and Georgianna who have a past a past only the two of them know about and enmity is all that remains after 4 5 years But now Georgianna decides to teach him a lesson about how a gentleman should really behave break his heart in the process and leave him as he did with her years ago.Of course trying to win his love means she has to be friendlier with him and

  9. KarenH KarenH says:

    Ahhfinally back to a book that falls in my comfort zone No spies, no suspense, no clues to follow and puzzles to solve Just your everyday rakehandsome, charming, wittywho has a stigma attached that might as well be stamped to his forehead Caution all females If you can read this, you are too close And a heroine who is beautiful, gracious, a little too wittywho, apparently, can t read LOL The book begins 6 years after the heroine was duped out of her virginity by the hero w Ahhfinally bac

  10. Susanne Susanne says:

    Witty, charming, lovely and sweet.Suzanne Enoch is becoming one of my favorite authors She writes books of quality The language is great and engaging I could really feel myself walking around the streets and going to fancy parties in regency London I could feel the grass and the sunshine The story about Tristan and Georgiana was everything I enjoy in a romance I loved Tristan s family and Georgiana was so sweet, albeit a bit naive, moving in to help his aunt and to teach Tristan a lesson Witty,

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