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The Perv: Stories A provocative first collection of stories by the author of KoolaidsFollowing the publication of his critically acclaimed first novel, Koolaids, Rabih Alameddine offers a collection of stories that explores the experience of a number of Lebanese characters men and women, gay and straight whose lives have been blown apart by a disastrous civil war and the resulting international diaspora Daring in style as well as content, these tales explore the relationships that anchor our hearts to the world father and son, grandson and grandmother, pedophile andyear old boy, young man and woman of the streets, sister and sister, daughter and father, gay man and heterosexual, the quick and their dead Suffused by a yearning for what has been lost, these narratives are both experimental and traditional, humorous and disturbing, and confirm without doubt that Alemeddine is one of the most original and accomplished young writers to emerge in some time

About the Author: Rabih Alameddine

Rabih Alameddine Arabic was born in Amman, Jordan to Lebanese parents, and grew up in Kuwait and Lebanon He was educated in England and America, and has an engineering degree from UCLA and an MBA from the University of San Francisco.

10 thoughts on “The Perv: Stories

  1. The The says:

    I am like totally obsessed with this author It s his tone, his use of language and sharply drawn characters I like the idea of short fiction because it s easier for me to enjoy his work in small bites It s rich and delicious like dark chocolate.

  2. Richard Jespers Richard Jespers says:

    Excellent collection by a Lebanese American writer The Perv is especially fine The reader sees the narrow, personal world that at once becomes universal because of its specificity.

  3. Richard Richard says:

    Let s be honest The Perv is the money here, the other stories are too similar and mainly seem to be included to boost the page count although The Changing Room was my favorite story by far Copies of The Perv are awfully hard to find, which I thought was strange until I realised the title story is a graphic account of a pedophillic relationship Or is it You can waf

  4. Bill Hsu Bill Hsu says:

    The title story is very impressive.

  5. Justin Abraham Justin Abraham says:

    The short story The Perv is excellent Captivating, surprising, arousing, troubling It s worth four or five stars The Grandma and the Grandmaster was enjoyable to read and Duck recalls Koolaids in a nice way Ultimately, the book gets three stars because it couldn t keep my interest once I started Stacy Schiff s Vera although, this might have something to do with the quality of Schif

  6. Bill Fletcher Bill Fletcher says:

    The title story is good but, for me at least, tries way too hard to be provocative The rest of the stories, especially the last few, arerestrained and that makes thempowerful.

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