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The Lost Towns of Quabbin Valley The Quabbin Reservoir, in central Massachusetts, was created into supply the state s growing population with a source of drinking water More than two thousand people were displaced when the Quabbin Valley was flooded Three branches of the Swift River were dammed, and five towns Dana, Enfield, Greenwich, Prescott, and parts of New Salem were covered with water The Lost Towns of the Quabbin Valley highlights the life and times of these towns fromto , when the inhabitants were told, All Must Leave The architectural landscape of the Quabbin Valley at one time included the churches, cemeteries, schoolhouses, post offices, homes, and businesses that made the thriving communities The Lost Towns of the Quabbin Valley presents rare photographs of town life, including images of students at the first Hillside School and Dr Mary Walker, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient and Greenwich summer resident The images are drawn from the archives of the Swift River Valley Historical Society Although the towns are gone, their stories are alive and well

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  1. Ginny Ginny says:

    I always wanted to knowabout the lost towns of Quabbin Valley some of these pictures are very moving, of the four Massachusetts towns that were destroyed for the common good Where a person is from and calls home is so much of their identity Imagine never being able to go home again, that awful feeling of displacem

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    Primarily photos of daily life in the lost Swift River Valley towns They are haunting in a number of ways, especially the implications of what was to come in some of the photos and the glimpses of the time between disincorporation and flooding in others Also I learned about a link between the lost town of Greenwich and

  3. Julie Julie says:

    This wasa picture book than a good read, but it did lead me toinformational books

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