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The Little Town Where Time Stood Still The Little Town Where Time Stood Still contains two linked narratives by the incomparable Bohumil Hrabal, whom Milan Kundera has described as Czechoslovakia s greatest writer Cutting It Short is set before World War II in a small country town, and it relates the scandalizing escapades of Mary ka, the flamboyant wife of Francin, who manages the local brewery Mary ka drinks She rides a bicycle, letting her long hair fly She butchers pigs, frolics in blood, and leads on the local butcher She s a Madame Bovary without apologies driven to keep up with the new fast paced mechanized modern world that is obliterating whatever sleepy pieties are left over from the defunct Austro Hungarian Empire The Little Town Where Time Stood Still is told by Mary ka and Francin s son and concerns the exploits of his Uncle Pepin, who holds his own against the occupying Nazis but succumbs to silence as the new post World War II Communist order cements its colorless control over daily life Together, Hrabal s rousing and outrageous yarns stand as a hilarious and heartbreaking tribute to the always imperiled sweetness of lust, love, and life

About the Author: Bohumil Hrabal

Born in Brno idenice, Moravia, he lived briefly in Poln , but was raised in the Nymburk brewery as the manager s stepson Hrabal received a Law degree from Prague s Charles University, and lived in the city from the late 1940s on.He worked as a manual laborer alongside Vladim r Boudn k in the Kladno ironworks in the 1950s, an experience which inspired the hyper realist texts he was writing at the time His best known novels were Closely Watched Trains 1965 and I Served the King of England In 1965 he bought a cottage in Kersko, which he used to visit till the end of his life, and where he kept cats ko enky He was a great storyteller his popular pub was At the Golden Tiger U zlat ho tygra on Husova Street in Prague, where he met the Czech President V clav Havel, the American President Bill Clinton and the then US ambassador to the UN Madeleine Albright on January 11th, 1994.Several of his works were not published in Czechoslovakia due to the objections of the authorities, including The Little Town Where Time Stood Still M ste ko, kde se zastavil as and I Served the King of England Obsluhoval jsem anglick ho kr le.He died when he fell from a fifth floor hospital where he was apparently trying to feed pigeons It was noted that Hrabal lived on the fifth floor of his apartment building and that suicides by leaping from a fifth floor window were mentioned in several of his books.He was buried in a family grave in the cemetery in Hradi tko In the same grave his mother Mary ka , step father Francin , uncle Pepin , wife Pipsi and brother Sl vek were buried.He wrote with an expressive, highly visual style, often using long sentences in fact his work Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age 1964 Tane n hodiny pro star a pokro il is made up of just one sentence Many of Hrabal s characters are portrayed as wise fools simpletons with occasional or inadvertent profound thoughts who are also given to coarse humour, lewdness, and a determination to survive and enjoy oneself despite harsh circumstances Political quandaries and their concomitant moral ambiguities are also a recurrent theme.Along with Jaroslav Ha ek, Karel apek, and Milan Kundera who were also imaginative and amusing satirists he is considered one of the greatest Czech writers of the 20th century His works have been translated into 27 languages.

10 thoughts on “The Little Town Where Time Stood Still

  1. Tony Tony says:

    There are chapters texturally without breaks, and run on sentences, and shifting points of view and digressions which I do not offer as a complaint, but maybe as an excuse should this review appear choppy There are two novellas in this edition, and they certainly

  2. Ray Ray says:

    This book comprises two linked novellas They deal with life in a small town in interwar Czechoslovakia and the immediate aftermath of the Soviet takeover.I like the warmth the writer has for the characters and the period a world that is now irrecovably lost and a country

  3. Tsung Tsung says:

    There s something about Mary ska Can I say that She s coquettish, free spirited, adventurous, vivacious, mischievous and rambunctious Why haven t I met her before Anyway, I really like this book It s quirky, funny, irreverent, ribald, slapstick and absurd Why haven t I read this b

  4. Judy Vasseur Judy Vasseur says:

    A masterful interweaving of the sacred with the humancheerfully crafted than Flannery O Connor A juxtapositioning of the crude with the spiritual, like the blending of spices in a Thai soup, like that elusive Umami, the Japanese 5th flavorthe same strangely delicious monosodium glutamate o

  5. Czarny Pies Czarny Pies says:

    This is a wonderful book about the former country of Czechoslovakia during the 1930s and post war years On each page Talleyrand seems to whisper into the reader s ear He who did not live in the years before the dictator ship of the proletariat cannot understand what the sweetness of living is Live

  6. Cuồng Say Cuồng Say says:

    Love ly, love ly, and love ly Recommended.

  7. Dennis Dennis says:

    This is really two novellas about life in a Czech town just before communism really took hold and changed things The original was changed by the authorities but in its unrevised form, it s really a touching and funny book If there sone thing that s striking, it s that small towns are alike all over the world, a coll

  8. Richard Richard says:

    I can t for the life of me understand why the translator gave Uncle Pepin a Scottish accent.Aside from that, pretty good.

  9. Corinne Wasilewski Corinne Wasilewski says:

    The sentences go on and on, sometimes for half a page and their structure is unwieldy not sure if this is due to the Czech to English translation or simply the author s writing style this is one of those questions that always arises when I m reading a translation The tone is definitely comic, but, the scenes tend toward slapstick and

  10. Vampire Who Baked Vampire Who Baked says:

    This is just one of those books where the sparkling and stellar mixes with the dull and mundane, and at the end of your read you are wondering which of the two faces of the book you will rememberafter you are done with the novel Unfortunately, in my case it is the latter.For me, Uncle Pepin is just mind numbingly dull writing It works off a c

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