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The Lighthouse Combe Island off the Cornish coast offers respite to over stressed high authorities who require privacy and security But demanding author Nathan Oliver is found strangled and hanging from the renovated lighthouse Investigator Adam Dagliesh, his inspector Kate Miskin, and sergeant Francis Benton are all pre occupied with their personal and love lives The first victim was thoroughly disliked by visitors and residents for valid reasons, but the second, a recovered alcoholic priest, was admired by the skeleton staff Suspects include Oliver s daughter Miranda, editor Dennis, animal researcher Dr Yelland, recently orphaned Dan, aged Emily, boatman Jago, sickly Dr Speidel, physician Dr Stavely and his unfaithful wife Jo, administrator Maycroft, housekeeper Mrs Plunkett, cook Mrs Burbridge, rebellious teen Millie Past murders are uncovered and SARS threatens the island

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  1. Bionic Jean Bionic Jean says:

    The Lighthouse is the 13th mystery novel by P.D James to feature her detective Adam Dalgliesh The penultimate one in the series, it was published in 2005.This particular novel brings to mind much earlier ones featuring Dalgleish, such asThe Black Towerfrom 1975, where the action takes place on a Dorset hilltop, or the even earlier 1971 novel,Shroud for a Nightingale , set in a student nursing school P.D James usually chooses fascina

  2. Jon Jon says:

    I was a great fan of P.D James long ago when she was the latest thing and she seemed farerudite than her rivals But gradually I lost interest as her writing becameturgid, pompous, and needlessly detailed My wife recommended that I try this one, but James put me off from the first sentence Could this be self parody Commander Adam Dalgliesh was not unused to being urgently summoned to non scheduled meetings with unspecified people at i

  3. Ken Ken says:

    The perfect type of murder mystery in a secluded location with a limited number of suspects, another in the Adam Dalgliesh series that slowly builds the tension that concludes with a strong final section.As famous novelist Nathan Oliver is found hung on the secluded Combe Island of the coast of Cornwall, it seems like a clear case of suicide.But the famous writer had no reason to commit suicide and on closer inspection it appears that

  4. Blurb Blurb says:

    Love PD James and obviously she s a great writer, but her books even though nominally set in the present day always seem very old fashioned to me I feel like you could have almost a PD James drinking game around everything that doesn t seem like it belongs in this century LikeTake a sip every time someone Writes a letter Eats a home cooked meal have two sips if it s made by an actual personal cook Employs a maid, laundress, butler or o

  5. Quirkyreader Quirkyreader says:

    Yet another good story of P.D James This story was a modern take on Agatha Christie s And Then There Were None So if you haven t read that, read it before the James book.When you do read this one, make sure you can do it in one sitting This story draws you in fast and doesn t want to let go.

  6. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    DNF ed page 50.P D James is praised as the New Queen of Murder, but honestlyI just can t get myself through the first 50 pagesthese first 50 pages do not even both to show us much of the main players in this murder mystery, and I have absolutely no interest in the MC, Adam Dalgliesh, he and his voice in this story is so fucking boring Will return this book to the library tomorrow

  7. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I found this latest installment in the Dalgliesh series rather cold and disjointed James usual skill at plotting is in evidence, but perhaps because I haven t read the two or three before this one, I found myself uninterested in the personal lives of most of the characters The prose is always poetic in a particularly English reserved kind of way, but usually I find the people endearing, especially Adam and Kate For some reason, in this bo

  8. John John says:

    On a remote island off the coast of Southwest England, used as a getaway by the influential, the famous novelist Nathan Oliver is found one morning murdered hanged from the topmost railing of the island s fastidiously restored lighthouse Since there were fewer than a dozen people on the island at the time, and since it s unlikely anyone could have come ashore secretly, the task of solving the murder would seem a simple one for Alan Dalglis

  9. Joyce Joyce says:

    This is the first mystery novel I ve read I have to say this author has a decent vocabulary enough to use words like etiolated, atavistic, soubriquets in proper context and not have them stick out like a sore thumb She also uses a few metaphors and decent geography details Speaking of details, however, what is it with the room descriptions Every room in the manor and five cottages is laid out in detail the exact angle of every chair in rela

  10. Colin Mitchell Colin Mitchell says:

    Commander Dalgliesh, Insp Miskin and Sgt Benton Smith have a tricky case of murder on a remote island off the coast of Cornwall Nathan Oliver was a well known author and had been found strangled and hanging over the edge of a lighthouse There is a catalogue of complex relationship among the quests and permanent residents and a number of apparently connected leads from events in the past.The expected delightful description does help to disgui

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