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The Last Men on Earth The world as we know it has ended in plague Only two men seem to have survived, traveling alone, forging a bond that one considers love and the other considers convenience Until another survivor, a young woman, is added to the mix How far will one man go for love

10 thoughts on “The Last Men on Earth

  1. Nancy Nancy says:

    Posted at Shelf InflictedI like how Mark Allan Gunnells manages to create characters with substance in such a short format, injecting horrifying little twists and keeping the reader on edge For that reason, I always look forward to reading his stories This one,

  2. Warren Rochelle Warren Rochelle says:

    Mark Allan Gunnells story, The Last Men on Earth, takes some very familiar science fictional themes the end of the world, the apocalypse, and the last survivors of the final disaster, and gives it a neat and surprising and dark twist I don t want to say much about it,

  3. Justin Justin says:

    Mark has been giving away free short Halloween themed stories on Facebook and It has gotten me in the mood forof his writing I only had a few I hadn t read yet and after yesterday there is only two left that I can think of to read, one I m not really interested in This one

  4. Liathum Liathum says:

    Can t recommend this Extremely short, very quick read Reminds me of a creative writing assignment Desperate need of editing and expansion Don t bother unless you have five minutes to kill.

  5. Heather Wildman Heather Wildman says:

    I enjoyed this read, and though it was a bit cliche with companionship needs, the reality of it is many of us would do just what this story culminated in That right there was what saved the cliche for me Well written, but I do enjoy the writing style of Mark Allan Gunnells in general.

  6. Kate Aaron Kate Aaron says:

    love the premise, but I thought this was far too short I wish it had been drawn out a bitand we sawof the characters development

  7. Dallas Vinson Dallas Vinson says:

    short but kind of sweet in a slightly disturbing way What would YOU be willing to do to protect your future with the one you loved

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