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TRAVIS McGEEHe s a self described beach bum who won his houseboat in a card game He s also a knight errant who s wary of credit cards, retirement benefits, political parties, mortgages, and television He only works when his cash runs out and his rule is simple he ll help you find whatever was taken from you, as long as he can keep half The Deep Blue Good-by

About the Author: John D. MacDonald

John D MacDonald was born in Sharon, Pa, and educated at the Universities of Pennsylvania, Syracuse and Harvard, where he took an MBA in 1939 During WW2, he rose to the rank of Colonel , and while serving in the Army and in the Far East, sent a short story to his wife for sale, successfully He served in the Office of Strategic Services O.S.S in the China Burma India Theater of Operations After the war, he decided to try writing for a year, to see if he could make a living Over 500 short stories and 70 novels resulted, including 21 Travis McGee novels Following complications of an earlier heart bypass operation, MacDonald slipped into a coma on December 10 and died at age 70, on December 28, 1986, in St Mary s Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin He was survived by his wife Dorothy 1911 1989 and a son, Maynard In the years since his death MacDonald has been praised by authors as diverse as Stephen King, Spider Robinson, Jimmy Buffett, Kingsley Amis and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr Thirty three years after his passing the Travis McGee novels are still in print.

10 thoughts on “The Deep Blue Good-by

  1. Adam Adam says:

    This book should have been called To Catch a Rapist You Have to Think Like a Rapist. I d always heard good things about John D MacDonald s Travis McGee series, so I decided I d start at the beginning, and bought the first couple of books in the series After reading The Deep Blue Good by, however, I don t have much interest in reading anyThe main problem I had with this book is i

  2. Lynda Lynda says:

    I m a huge fan of suspense fiction, absolutely loving the surprising and unexpected twists and turns I ve read and re read a lot in this genre over the years, but John D MacDonald JDM had escaped me I m not sure why I had heard of the movie Cape Fear , which was adapted from JDM s book The Executioners, but for some reason I knew nothing of his pulp fiction series about Travis McGe

  3. Kemper Kemper says:

    If you ve been conned or robbed out of something by a shady character then Travis McGee will try to get it back for half the value of what was taken And if you re a woman he llthan likely bang you in the process No extra charge.Cathy Kerr is a single mom whose father had hidden something valuable he brought back from serving in the military overseas before being sent to prison After h

  4. Joe Valdez Joe Valdez says:

    This is a novel that put John D MacDonald 1916 1986 on my short list of favorite authors, between El Leonard and Stephen King, even though I can just barely recommend it Published in 1964, The Deep Blue Good by is the debut of Travis McGee, Salvage Consultant in south Florida who over the course of twenty one novels titled with every color in the spectrum save for black or white recovers

  5. Algernon (Darth Anyan) Algernon (Darth Anyan) says:

    9 10 excellent start to a classic noir series I really liked the main character and I hope I will manage to write aindepth review soon.UpdateOther people go down to the keys and bring back shell ashtrays or mounted fish or pottery flamingos Travis McGee brings back a Lois Atkinson The souvenir fervor is the mainstay of a tourist economy.Could we call this genre sunny noir As in hard boiled

  6. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    Junior Allen has sleazed his way into a fortune in stolen gems and the daughters of the man who they belonged to want them back Only Junior is a woman beating rapist and has left a trail of battered women in his wake Can Travis McGee get the gems back and take his cut This is the first John D MacDonald book I ve read and probably won t be the last MacDonald really knows how to build the suspen

  7. William William says:

    Absolutely wonderful What a great start to a famous series 5 Stars.After reading the entire series, this is one of my very favourite McGees.I love the early 1960 s Florida keys setting MacDonald s flowing and spare descriptive prose is wonderful, almost like the words don t exist, as if MacDonald just places the images directly into your mind Very Hemingway Truly amazingAs usual with my reviews,

  8. Cathy DuPont Cathy DuPont says:

    Third Time s a Charm Cathy s First Love, StillFor anyone considering reading the Travis McGee series first book published in 1964 with a total of 21 books in the series this book should definitely be read first It lays the ground work for who McGee really is, how he feels about society, women and Florida in general These are important basics for reading the series since the character for me, is so v

  9. Jan Rice Jan Rice says:

    John D MacDonald does lists For example, he s wary ofplastic credit cards, payroll deductions, insurance programs, retirement benefits, savings accounts, Green Stamps, time clocks, newspapers, mortgages, sermons, miracle fabrics, deodorants, check lists, time payments, political parties, lending libraries, television, actresses, junior chambers of commerce, pageants, progress, and manifest destiny p 14

  10. Jim Jim says:

    Michael Pritchard is the reader the audio quality was terrible on these old, second hand tapes, but I m really glad I listened to it While I ve read a few of these books over the years, I ve never read this, the first one Originally, published in the mid 60 s, the Travis McGee series was one of the staples of detective fiction for the next 10 or 15 years No, this really isn t a 4 star book, but it gets an

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