The Dead Don't Confess: A Murder Mystery ePUB ¼ The

The Dead Don't Confess: A Murder Mystery The dashing grey eyed policeman, poster boy of the Calcutta Police Station, Inspector Bikram, has landed a case that refuses to solve itself outCT correspondentThe police are still fumbling with the murder of the small time film producer, Piloo Adhikary, found dead with his two dogs on Diwali night Assumed to be a simple crime of passion, the so called wife being the prime suspect, the case grew murkier when her body was found floating in a pondThe clues point to a larger racket of money laundering, shady business deals and small time illegal arms deals, the involvement of Gaur Mohan Lal, a wheeler dealer of some clout in the film industry, and Morari Koyal, the owner of a fishing trawlerWill Bikram be able to expose the murky underbelly of the city s most affluent and influential

9 thoughts on “The Dead Don't Confess: A Murder Mystery

  1. Vikas Datta Vikas Datta says:

    Very well done an extremely readable account of police investigation and the various pressures on it Some of the characters are very well drawn and look forward to seeing them again soon

  2. Sarbajoya Raychaudhuri Sarbajoya Raychaudhuri says:

    Not bad

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