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The Cross in the Closet Timothy Kurek, raised within the confines of a strict, conservative Christian denomination in the Bible Belt, Nashville, Tennessee, was taught the gospel of separation from a young age But it wasn t long before Timothy s path and the outside world converged when a friend came out as a lesbian, and revealed she had been excommunicated by her familyDistraught and overcome with questions and doubts about his religious upbringing, Timothy decided the only way to empathize and understand her pain was to walk in the shoes of very people he had been taught to shun He decided to come out as a gay man to everyone in his life, and to see for himself how the label of gay would impact his lifeIn the tradition of Black Like Me, The Cross in the Closet is a story about people, a story about faith, and about one man s abominable quest to find Jesus in the margins

About the Author: Timothy Kurek

Timothy Kurek is tackling some of the front burner issues of our day His unrestrained style of immersion lends a uniquely empathetic perspective, engaging his audiences with empathy, humor, and refreshing candor His first book, The Cross in the Closet, released October 2012 and became a critical success, not just nationally, but internationally as well it is currently available in Hungarian and

10 thoughts on “The Cross in the Closet

  1. Emma Sea Emma Sea says:

    Straight, white, Christian pretends to be gay for a year, gets a book deal.I am having some complex feels about this.edit 3 Sept 2015Having read the book, I can see Kurek is just so darn young when he did this 21 22 that pretending to be gay for a year seemed like an awesome idea to him, and he had absolutely no frame of reference in which to unde

  2. Beth Beth says:

    I really wanted to like this book because it seemed at first glance anyway a courageous effort on the author s part But I ended up disliking it, for two major reasons.This seems like an honest book, sometimes painfully so I also think Mr Kurek is sincere in his desire to understand people he used to hate as well as why he was taught to hate them I don t d

  3. Lauren Hidden Lauren Hidden says:

    I am a married woman, and I haven t been a churchgoer for years I loved this book A former member of a very conservative Christian church, I never could understand why gays were so ostracized by our church and so many others Knowing many gay men and lesbian women over my life, I never bought into the theory that your sexuality is a choice Of course, acting on it

  4. Terri Terri says:

    If I had an unlimited supply of money I would order this book by the case and pass it out to everyone I know Timothy Kurek s account of his year living with the label Gay is one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever encountered of the reality of God s continuing ability to change hearts and minds about the Other as well as a powerful rebuke to those of us within t

  5. RainbowOwl24 RainbowOwl24 says:

    As soon as I heard about this book, I couldn t wait to get my hands on it Tim Kurek s book, The Cross in the Closet, is a book I have been spreading the word about since I read the very first page It is the story of how Tim went from being a Devout Christian who was very anti gay to a fierce LGBTQ advocate in 12 months by simply having the courage to question his religious upbri

  6. Elliot Ratzman Elliot Ratzman says:

    Will gays loving, suffering, blessing show us how to be Christian In the tradition of undercover experiments like Nickel and Dimed, Black Like Me and People of the Abyss, Tim Kurek, a young Southern conservative Evangelical, decides he is going to experiment with the experience of being labeled gay for year This is no light hearted My gay year Tim comes out to his family, leaves his ch

  7. Janice Eastburn Janice Eastburn says:

    I have read a lot of LGBT literature in my time both fiction and non fiction This book is one of the most powerful I have read Timothy Kurek, the author, is a heterosexual man who was raised in conservative Christianity He was raised to hate and shun gay people and admits to his own entrenched bigotry When a friend comes out to him and tells him that her family has disowned her, it challenges T

  8. Borderstar Borderstar says:

    Hmmm, I ve seen this one flying around today on my notifications, but not sure what to make of it As others have said, I can t decide whether to be impressed with the guy for walking a mile in anothers shoes and then writing about his experience, or whether to be upset by the deceit throughout the social experiment that he is then selling a book off the back of Some info on this here from the article

  9. John Kusters John Kusters says:

    What happens when a very conservative Christian decides to spend a year as a gay man in order to understand the enemy Not unexpectedly, he gains a great deal of insight and becomes a strong ally in favor of equality That s the story told by Tim Kurek in The Cross in the Closet , a book I recommend highly.Tim grew up in a very religiously conservative family in Nashville, Tennessee While attending Liberty Unive

  10. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    The author is an Evangelical Christian living in a conservative part of the United States After some encounters with gay people he met, he realized his own bigotry and decided to embark on a year long experiment where he came out as gay and lived and worked in the local gay community.Kurek is an excellent writer whose prose makes you want to keep reading He doesn t hold back with his feelings and embarrassing moments

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