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The Circle From USA Today, Washington Post And Charts Bestselling Author And Goodreads Best Fiction Finalist Sejal Badani Comes An Exhilarating, Readers S ChoiceYA SeriesAbandoned At Eleven With No Memory Of Her Family, Alexia Seeks Her True Identity Under The New Government S Regime, Sixteen Year Olds Are Evaluated For Their Desire To Harm Others Throughout The Test, Alexia Struggles To Conceal Her Psychic Ability To Read The Past And Future Of Anyone She Touches When Her Secret Is Revealed, Alexia Is Taken To An Island Where Other Highly Skilled Agents And Readers Like Her Train To Survive As Alexia Gains Control Over Her Abilities, She Desperately Tries To Piece Together Her Elusive Past In Her Quest For The Truth, Alexia S Loyalties Are Tested When Forced To Make An Impossible Choice Between Those She Loves And The Family She Can T Remember A Spell Binding Adventure Of Friendship, Love, Unforeseen Twists And Learning That Our Most Dangerous Enemies Are Often The People We Trust The Most A Captivating Novel Filled With Forbidden Romance And Shocking Betrayals That Demands The Question Can One Decision Determine Your Destiny This is my first time reading something by this author, and I m very impressed by the writing style It flows It s poetic It has a rhythm That s not something I expect in a sci fi novel Interesting story, yes Relatable characters, yes Great writing, no But this book has it all It s also written in present tense from the first person perspective That s a mechanic I enjoy because it does two things it puts you in the character s mind, and it presents the action as happening now It s immersive because it doesn Full review to come as part of the blog tour TheCircle NetGalleyThe Circle Taken was an amazing book I am so excited to read the next in the series A lot of things were left open and not explained but the author did such a good job at the ending next book entrance that you don t feel like it is a big cliffhanger It Most of the time, I either like a main character with few or no reservations or I close the book early because I can t make a connection with the protagonist Alexia evoked altogether different feelings because of her complexity and because the author allowed her to have faults, very natural faults at that Alexia appealed to me because she s not the near perfect being who rarely makes a misstep In essence, she is in search of herself while she learns some very valuable life lessons.Taken is in some ways a study of good versus evil and how difficult it can be to know the difference, who can be trusted I especially enjoyed this arc of the story because it s such an essential part of a person s growth and watching Alexia learn these things made her seem quite real The Circle itself is full of contradictions, a quagmire of choices and decisions she has to face muc

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