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The Cell Tweed faces the most frightening challenge of his career as London becomes the next terrorist target in the wake of September th

10 thoughts on “The Cell

  1. Jhertweck Jhertweck says:

    After reading hundreds of books I can honestly say that this one has to be the worst I ve ever read.What is so bad about it you might ask Well, the simple answer is EVERYTHING.Starting with the absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable plot that getsabsurd with each page, throw in flat and stereotypical characters, laughable dialogues, bad writin

  2. Robert James Robert James says:

    Almost gave up half way through.Wish I had Absolutely rediculous plot and characters not to mention the spelling mistakes.How old was Colinn Forbes when he wrote this Dribble in his early Teens I guess.Don t waste your time.

  3. Tanmay Pratap Tanmay Pratap says:

    awesome british action the only author i can genuinely relate to 5 days straight binged it.

  4. Carolin Carolin says:

    London schwebt in gro er Gefahrdoch scheinbar will das niemand erkennen, zumindest bis auf Tweed und sein Spezialteam einer Bande aus Macho M nnern mit gro en Gewehren und einer gutaussehenden Frau, die im Umgang mit Schusswaffen jeglichen Kalibers ge bt ist, dabei aber trotzdem noch bei jeder Kleinigkeit die klischeehaft beremotionale Frauenrolle einnimmt I

  5. Warwick Warwick says:

    Farfetched plot and actions of characters Padded, repetitive, and tedious execution trying to build tension and drama but never achieving them Author seemed torn between portraying Paula as emotional or a super tough version of Wonderwoman and tried too hard Tries to build the mystery by never letting the reader or his team know what he s thinking Poor novel even

  6. Paul Paul says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here One of Forbes best since the fall of the USSR as Tweed s main enemy Farrelevant and current, with the good guys also sustaining some injuries and collateral damage The main problem Forbes still tries to tie too much together at the end, and he can t see past this idea that masterminds have

  7. Gaurav Singh Gaurav Singh says:

    This was my first colin forbes novella and honestly speaking i did not care too much for it The characters are too rigid, robotic and stereotypical You dont identify with either them or the storyline which also feels a bit too washed Could finish just about half before i gave up on it Hopefully vorpal blade will be better

  8. Sophie Fransen Sophie Fransen says:

    Al Qaida beraamt een aanslag op Londen Tweed moet dat proberen te voorkomen Het verhaal is op een paar punten spannend, maar veel vaker niet Over het geheel genomen kon het verhaal me niet pakken.

  9. Muzzammil Manzoor Muzzammil Manzoor says:

    A book that merely serves as an appetiser, rather like a Transformers movie Full of action, drama, terrorism, but the characters just fall flat with hardly any character development Shoddy piece of writing.

  10. Anshuman Anshuman says:

    A very nice novel, but packed with a lot of fiction.

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