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The Celestine Prophecy Are three decades of interest in modern physics, ecology, mystical religion and interpersonal psychology finally synthesizing into a new spiritual common sense Are we now beginning to live this new common sense Can it become the dominant paradigm of the next century When James Redfield first published this extraordinary book an adventure in pursuit of a spiritual mystery people picked it up, read it, and were stunned by its contents They told their friends about it, and friends in turn told their friends By word of mouth alone, news of this magical, moving work spread throughout the country, until within months of its first printing over hundred thousand readers had become excited by its predictions and touched by the way it made sense of what was happening in their livesNow you can discover for yourself the insights, the vision, and the uncanny accuracy of The Celestine Prophecy A parable filled with vital truth that reads like a gripping adventure tale, it begins with the disappearance of an ancient Peruvian manuscript Although few Westerners know of its existence and a government wants to suppress it, this precious document contains an important secret theinsights the human race is predicted to grasp as we enter an era of true spiritual awarenessTo find the manuscript and its hidden treasures you will join one person s search It is a quest that will carry you high into the Andes mountains, to ancient ruins deep in old growth forest, and to a startling discovery You will quickly recognize the truth of the First Insight in each of our lives occur mysterious coincidences sudden, synchronistic events that, once interpreted, lead us into our true destinyWhen you find and understand allof the insights, you will have an exciting new image of human life, and a positive vision of how we will save this planet, its creatures, and its beauty The Celestine Prophecy will give you hope and chills as you begin to perceive its predictions unfolding all around you in intimate relationships and international affairs And you will suddenly recognize the quantum leap forward humankind is preparing to make as we approach the new millennium Important works such as Carlos Castaneda s The Teachings of Don Juan and the prophecies of Nostradamus have helped prepare the way for the revelations you will find in James Redfield s life changing words The time is right to hear them, and to discover the personal journey that is opening in your life

10 thoughts on “The Celestine Prophecy

  1. mark monday mark monday says:

    a mea culpa for me and Ruby once upon a time, a long time ago, i was an Entertainment Insurance Underwriter for AIG well, a junior underwriter i got to read a lot of scripts, i dealt with a lot of famous people, i got paid a lot of money it was a time of much partying, much coke, an expense account, 1.5 assistants, and daily hangovers one day

  2. David David says:

    This is the 2nd time I ve read this book And while I m pretty sure most of it is fictional, I still think it carries some valuable insights so I want to summarize them in the 9 insights of the book and my understanding of them o 1 Noticing the coincidences in life is the first step TheI become aware of coincidences, theI ll become aware of a un

  3. Tess Tess says:

    Utter rubbish from start to finish This is the literary equivalent of a Ponzi scheme He made loads of money based on fraud Nothing there If you have a brain, use it, and don t go near this book.

  4. Prairie78 Prairie78 says:

    I resent when a writer who has a lot of opinions about, ya know, stuff, decides that everyone should hear about all the stuff he s thinking about, but then realizes that maybe it would be boring as all get out, so then decides that if he turns all the stuff he s thinking into a novel, then maybe people will read it This way he still gets to spout

  5. Bill Bill says:

    Someone gave my wife a hard cover copy of this book when she was in the hospital I picked it up and read perhaps the first 50 or so pages while I was sitting in her hospital room, then I skimmed the rest of it and tossed it in the trash What I saw was poor writing, misguided ideas, lack of structure and in general a waste of paper and ink, all in

  6. Darby Darby says:

    I read this book at the end of 1996 or around beginning of 1997 I read about it in a magazine I used to get that I loved called, Catalist The magazine went out of print sorry to say because I loved that magazine and still have all my issues less then 2 years worth published The Celestine Prophecy woke me up I had been sleepwalking in the world I wo

  7. Sam Sam says:

    I really hoped this book would be as good as everyone says it is I was totally underwhelmed Painfully jejune plot, paper thin characters, pedestrian prose, and for what A handful of ridiculous insights about how our expectations affect the physical world and how we fight for each other s energy Maybe if I sit down and meditate toward this book I can

  8. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    A client of mine once told me how wonderful and life changing this book was, and I thought, huh, I ll have to give it a read Thank goodness I checked it out from the library rather than spending any money on it The Celestine Prophecy is one of those self improvement find yourself books packaged up in a fictional wrapper Lots of new age nonsense here

  9. Jack Tripper Jack Tripper says:

    Actual footage of me reading this book It was the only book available to me during a recent stay with some relatives down south, as I d stupidly left the stack of paperbacks I d planned to bring on the kitchen table at home It s really really good if you like crap I m sorry if this book is really important to any of you So, so sorry.Just not my thing

  10. Victoria Victoria says:

    I takefrom this book every time I read it My original review I ve read this book a few times, the first time after it had been given to me by a rather hippy ish friend of mine The first time, I wanted to throw it in the bin Written badly with two dimension characters Flaws in the plot and the historical information and lots of the ideas were wishy wash

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