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The Boy In The Cupboard Three heart stopping stories of children trapped by their parents pasts Craig, the little boy who can t speak English, isn t allowed to use his real name and hides food around the playground, afraid he ll be hungry again His parents are trying to make a fresh start, but their gangland bosses are about to catch up with the family and Craig will pay a terrible price Edgar is a twelve year old boy whom nobody wants, not even the staff at the residential unit where he lives Just when it seems that there might be a way of getting through to him, his mother reveals a secret that changes everything innie is a teenage boy who knows exactly what his gangster father is capable of, of how he,makes problems disappear He also knows he has become a very big problem for his father One man s fight to give these children the future they deserveyears as a child protection worker, Shane Dunphy saw children growing up in horrific situations He also saw their amazing ability to survive those unpromising beginnings

About the Author: Shane Dunphy

Shane Dunphy is the million selling author of non fiction titles relating the years he spent as a child protection worker He is an accomplished musician and has composed soundtracks for television and radio Dunphy is an award winning documentary maker and he writes regularly for Independent newspapers He also writes a series of crime novels under the pseudonym S.A Dunphy.

10 thoughts on “The Boy In The Cupboard

  1. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Very good

  2. DenXXX DenXXX says:

    I don t know why I feel compelled to read books like this I suppose in a way it could help him with the kids I meet at work as they come from a variety of different backgrounds and we do meet some tricky ones but I am always curious as to why they create that behaviour etc.This book is written by a social worker and incorporates some of the children he worked with It is distressing to re

  3. Ursula Kelly Ursula Kelly says:

    I found this a really good book at highlighting the plight of children of abuse in Ireland. It is the story of in particular 2 children, but the book also tells the story of the parents of one of the boys and also a social worker s own private terrible tale too The only fault should I find one would be that I found the book a bit egotistical..I am well aware of the brilliant work for children tha

  4. Jermaine Tan Jermaine Tan says:

    It is an unequivocal belief of mine that love is a basic human right children, in particular, are entitled to it pg 278 It sthan just a fight to be a child protection worker The author nearly lost his life It takesthan courage to do the work he does as sometimes courage can fail us It s love And the belief that everyone, especially children, should be loved.Note pg 45 Unconditional positive regard a conce

  5. Katie Katie says:

    Firstly, if you are looking for a read that is a heart wrenching, tear jerker then this is not the book Although it highlights briefly on the children and I really do mean briefly, it doesnt give you much about them The book is mostly about the adults involved the care workers and gangsters To be honest, I actually only think the children are put into the book to try and make it sell It seems that the writter is q

  6. Joseph Joseph says:

    I found this book very interesting, as I do with nearly all books in this genre What was different about this book, however, was that it detailed multiple unrelated cases alongside what was happening in the author s personal life While some people do not like this as they feel it is self centred and egotistical I actually felt this made the book feel muchreal It showed the struggle to maintain a personal life in these type

  7. Sabrina Rutter Sabrina Rutter says:

    In this book Shane Dunphy shares three seperate cases he worked on during his time as a child protection worker, and the things that were going on in his life during the time he was working those cases Some of the things in this book seemed to outrageous to be true, but who am I to say he is lying I can t go into it without giving away some of the story so I m just stating my opinion and leaving it at that This didn t make me disli

  8. Karen Karen says:

    While in no way do I want to trivialise the horrific situations that arise here, or cast doubt on their accuracy, what really bugs me is that it becomes much less about this than about Dunphy s attempt to cast himself as a kind of vigilante superhero.Yes, I think people who work in child protection do deserve immense recognition but not blatant self congratulation This was not perhaps his intention but what he is definitely not is an accomp

  9. Faye Natasha Faye Natasha says:

    Shane Dunphy is a great author and clearly an evenamazing Social Worker This is the second book of his I have read, like the first it was very hard to put down I would highly recommend his work to anyone who wants to be a Social Worker like myself, you get a real insight to what heartbreaking situations you will be faced with.

  10. Ariel Ariel says:

    I thought that this was a good book I felt for Shane and all of the children and families mentioned within it It gripped me by heart and took me into realising what may go on behind closed doors and what the authorities really do Well done.

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