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Texas Glory SINS OF THE FATHERBuck Star was a handsome cad with a love em and leave em attitude that had broken that one heart But when he seduced his wife s best friend, then abandoned her without a second thought, he sowed a harvest of misfortune that he would later be forced to reapHONORHonor Gannon had always doubted that any male could deserve the undying devotion her mother had felt for the lover who d ruined her life Yet when she arrived in Lowell, Texas, to confront her father, she found just such a man Not Buck Star, but a dangerous looking drifter who made her forget every lick of common sense she d ever had Losing herself in his dark, compelling gaze, she nally understood how a woman could give up everything for love and not regret a bit of it

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  1. Misfit Misfit says:

    Life s too short for wallpaper Moving on.

  2. wonderfullyweird88 wonderfullyweird88 says:

    The description detailing Texas Glory, is wrong This book is not the story of Buck Star and Vida Malone, but rather is the story of Buck Star s illegitimate daughter Honor Gannon who travels to Lowell, Texas, to confront the father who never knew she existed When she arrives she finds an emaciated man struck down by illness, whose

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