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Tarkovsky Tarkovsky provides a collection of accessible academic essays by leading film studies professionals A challenging, broadly illustrated book that fully captures the essence of this cinematic pioneer Andrei Tarkovsky is the most influential Soviet filmmaker of the post war era, and one of the world s most renowned cinematic geniuses He created spiritual, existential films of incredible beauty, repeatedly returning to themes of memory, dreams, childhood and Christianity His films, such as Solaris, Mirror, Nostalghia and The Sacrifice make use of long, unedited shots and wide angles in uncompromisingly formalistic statements that are as striking today as they were when they were first made. Great compendium of Tarkovsky articles.Lovely photos.More info after a detailed read Dodgy incompetent editor THE BEST The images are really well produced and the essays are very thorough and involved There should be books like this with so much attention to detail You really get a sense of what a great artist Tarkovsky was and his fathers poems are strange too.

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