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Summer Shadows (Benedicts, #6) Summer lives under a terrible shadow It drains her, manipulates her and threatens to steal her future.A high stakes mission offers a temporary escape She must use her mind shadowing abilities to hunt down her target and find the truth.Hal Robinson is a soldier He does not get distracted He wins But what Hal wants begins to shift once he meets Summer.They must learn to trust each other if they are going to protect the Savant community But will their secrets allow them to find a happy ending of their own

10 thoughts on “Summer Shadows (Benedicts, #6)

  1. Nas Nas says:


  2. Katerina Katerina says:

    I need VICTOR S story now Most compelling character so far

  3. Kaya Dimitrova Kaya Dimitrova says:

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  4. Rose Charpentier Rose Charpentier says:

    I m disappointedI expected so much It was kind of cute but also kind of boring

  5. Калина Минчева Калина Минчева says:

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  6. Chloe Chloe says:

    Somehow I managed to pick up an early copy of Summer Shadows in my local book shop, screaming with excitement I ran to the till to purchase, rushed home, and cracked open the cover as soon as I possibly could I have been a fan of this book series for about 5 years, picking up Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix straight away, then year after year reading the others I have

  7. Милена Божинова Милена Божинова says:

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  8. Juli Juli says:

    AMO AMO AMOAmo esta sagaAmo los personajesAmo la historiaAmo la frescura de los librosAmo lo que Joss logra en cada libroAME COMPLETAMENTEUn hermoso cierre para esta saga

  9. Ferdy Ferdy says:

    Didn t like it Summer was a classic YA doormat She let people walk all over her all the bloody time It didn t help that Hal, the love interest, was a sexist douchey pig I swear Summer spent 90% of her time saying sorry for things that weren t her fault The Benedicts, her friends, and Hal guilted her into helping out in all kinds of dangerous situations, they kept putting her in dan

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