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Small Creatures / Wide Field John Mortara s Small Creatures Wide Field is a work of interactive fiction, a series of stories, and a collection of literary artifacts Over the course of the interactive adventure portion of the story, you ll find yourself facing dragons and ogres, reading about a returning soldier with PTSD, cutting out a paper airplane to throw at your loved ones, contemplating a list of love poem ideas, or deciding whether living in America is similar to the cycles of domestic abuse Different choices will lead to a different experience of the book, one that can be read and experienced over and over

About the Author: jamie mortara

jamie mortara they them their is a queer poet, performer, publisher, organizer, and artist They grew up in New Jersey and have learned to stop apologizing for it jamie is author of the poetry collections GOOD MORNING AMERICA I AM HUNGRY AND ON FIRE YesYes Books, 2018 and some planet YesYes Books, 2015 , and the interactive fiction collection small creatures wide field tNY Press Three of their DIY zines are indie bestsellers and the others are likely scattered to the winds somewhere jamie is founder of the audio poetry magazine Voicemail Poems, a National Poetry Slam competitor, and has performed their poetry in 29 states and counting jamie holds an MFA from UNCW and is a proud Capricorn More about jamie can be found at

10 thoughts on “Small Creatures / Wide Field

  1. Chuck Young Chuck Young says:


  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    In Small Creatures Wide Field , author John Mortara provides a little 23 single sided pages top spiraled book that appears to be a bizarre form of those Choose Your Own Adventure books that we read as kids Except there are only two options It turns out that one option takes you to some sort of one off pag

  3. Jeff Jeff says:

    when i wanted this book, i wanted this book couldn t wait for it to arrive i opened my mouth john s book came out even though this isn t about the book, i wanted to mention it because it was a positive experience i had plus, if you want to get a copy of this book, open yr mouth, yr credit card will be charged joh

  4. Brian Alan Ellis Brian Alan Ellis says:

    This is an existential choose your own adventure gem designed as a notepad Each page contains a little golden nugget of nihilistic humor The witch casts the spell UNCONTROLLABLE MISERY on you, but it has no effect, since your status is already UNCONTROLLABLE MISERY weep p.22 whistle that song from Armageddon p.16This is

  5. Tracy Tracy says:

    America as an abusive relationship choose your own adventure, but you re still in the machine What s the key in abuse Power.The ideas are very Vonnegut esque We re asked to swim before we know how to be There are so many demands and somehow we have to fulfill them without going crazy This book feels like life He looks at Jamie s

  6. Noura Noura says:

    I enjoyed how this was put together but that s about it.

  7. LeeAnn LeeAnn says:

    Sigh I really wanted to be a fan of this unique little book I love the creative idea that inspired the book a flipbook find your own adventure style, for adults not kids Pieces of the work reminded me of Keri s Smith s genius creative outlets Unfortunately, I just found this book to be too disjointed Nothing seemed to go together Granted, I bel

  8. Jessica Cramer Jessica Cramer says:

    This is a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure flipbook for adults and is at times reminiscent of This Is Not a Book Dark with a touch of whimsy and a speck of hilarity see Non Hierarchical List of Love Poem Ideas A few moments of decision making reading and it s over Very spare, short, and tiny I d like to see the idea fleshed out a bitIt was odd and a b

  9. Jeff Jeff says:

    I received a free copy of this book from the First Reads Program in exchange for an honest review I liked the concept of this book, but in execution it fell flat Too disjointed going from section to unrelated section The imagery and humor was interesting and a few sections were good, but nothing held it together In the end it feltlike a college art project tha

  10. Edward Dwyer Edward Dwyer says:

    Neat idea being in the notepad form I got confused when I received it since I opened the package in the dark and wondered, who sent me a notepad I already have a bunch Anyway, I read through it a couple times, but really couldn t get into it I liked it though, especially the part comparing America to an abusive relationship.

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