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Scotland Yard Can Wait A man convicted of bank robbery receives an early release with the hopes that he will lead the police to where the , pounds has been cached Official investigators believe that the robber had inside information and upon his release he would share the proceeds of the robbery with his co conspirators, but things become complicated when the robber is found dead In time, others suspected of complicity are also murdered Only the most intuitive investigator can unearth the truth in thisnovel by David Frome which has been adapted to the American reader

About the Author: David Frome

David Frome is the nom de plume of Zenith Jones Brown, who also wrote as Leslie Ford She wrote several books under the pen name David Frome while living in England, the most endearing of these featuring timid and elderly widower Evan Pinkerton Her other series also based in England is the Major Gregory Lewis Mysteries.

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  1. Rick Mills Rick Mills says:

    My first novel by David Frome Leslie Ford, and an enjoyable one The writer s characters are fully developed, and fun to follow We are treated to Jerry Drake s and Inspector Lord s thought processes throughout as they seek to unravel a complex mystery Ex actress Cissie Gay, the girlfriend of Sprat Marlin, is an especially

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