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Safe with Him Bree Winters grew up distrusting cops and all they stood for with only her brother to take care of her After years of being forced to live apart, Bree moves to the small town of Mt Eve with two goals in mind to once again have her brother nearby and turn the dream she s worked years to accomplish into a reality Now with one goal met and her dream so close, she s thrust into a situation filled with the things she hates the most deception, lies, and cops Draco Vittore grew up in a life he didn t want At a very young age Draco discovered the true meaning of bad guys and the type of person he didn t want to be Now a Virginia State police officer in their specialty unit, he s good at two things being a cop and picking up women and he s never had a problem in either department His rules are simple be the best damn cop he can be and never bring a woman home Until a chance encounter involving a broken shower, a situation he won t back down from, and a woman he can t seem to forget When Bree s life is threatened with a fate worse than death, Draco will do anything to keep her safe Will he cross a line he can t come back from Or will both of their pasts keep her from being Safe With Him

About the Author: Tina Bass

Tina Bass is a light erotic romance writer, who loves a happily ever after She lives in a small town in Virginia with her three children She is a normal everyday mom of one grown and two almost grown teenagers who has recently discovered the joys of writing.When not busy writing, Tina enjoys reading and shopping for vintage items She came into writing later in life, after her characters decided to take over and she could hear the stories in her head.

10 thoughts on “Safe with Him

  1. CC CC says:

    2.5 stars I just did not like Draco that much There were some funny scenes in the beginning like his inner monologue about wanting her to leave and asking her to stay But there was just to much deceit for me to feel good and he ending was strange Have a conversation people Someone, anyone It was just a set up for a cheesy movie moment Another Kindle Unlimited read.A note to the Safety Gang There was OW actually 2 of them the ni

  2. Lauren Lauren says:

    3.5 starsPlot BMost of the plot was just Drake and Bree s interactions and relationship development Most of the time was spent with Drake helping out when Bree was in danger There wasn t a lot of explanation or suspense regarding the reason for her needing protection Most of the things were behind the scenes or implied We did eventually find out why, but none of it was a surprise, and it was very late in the book It was somewhat predic

  3. Shatire Shatire says:

    An Ok ReadThe story is long winded and predictable but it does have some good moments Also, I don t care the MC calling women b es Overall an okay read.

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    Safe With Him is the story of Draco and Bree Draco is a cop and Kades His Safe Keeping, Book 1 former police partner In the beginning, I wasn t sure if I was going to like Draco very much, he isn t nice in his reference to woman and I knew that when he fell, it would be hard LOL He quickly won me over when he meets the heroine, Breewho by the way, hates cops Karma LOL As I learnedabout each of the characters, all of the things that I didn t understand

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    SweetTina Bass is a new author for me I found her first book through the Ammy romance boards and about one chapter in purchased her second book Safe With Him It is cheesy in some places and yes it is a little insta love ish but I still enjoyed enough to write a review and enough to look forward to her next book The author has skills and I look forward to watching her development.In this story the H Draco the name did throw me a bit as for the first chapter I

  6. Emily Emily says:

    Safe With Him The Safe Series Book 2 by Tina Bass is a enjoyable story This story is packed full of action, passion, drama, romance I enjoyed reading about Draco, Bree Breezie, Storm and all the others we meet in this story It was also nice to get to catch up with Kade, Krista, Lee and Minga that we met in His Safe Keeping Recommend to all fans of romance with some action and drama mixed in.

  7. Arina Gorokhovska Arina Gorokhovska says:

    Awesome Can t wait for the next book

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