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Runaway EM WATTS IS ON THE RUNShe s on the run from school, from work, from her family, from her friends, from herselfWith everyone she loves furious with her for something she can t explain, and nothing but the live Stark Angel fashion show on New Year s Eve to look forward to, Em s reached the end of her rope what s the point of even going on But when she discovers the truth about Nikki s secret, she knows there s only one person she can turn toWill Christopher be able to put aside his personal feelings and help her expose her employer to the world Is it even fair to get Christopher involved since if he agrees, there s every chance that Stark Enterprises will try to have them both killed this time, permanently MAYBE IT WOULD BE BETTER TO KEEP ON RUNNING

About the Author: Meg Cabot

Librarian note AKA Jenny Carroll 1 800 Where R You series , AKA Patricia Cabot historical romance novels.Meg Cabot was born on February 1, 1967, during the Chinese astrological year of the Fire Horse, a notoriously unlucky sign Fortunately she grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, where few people were aware of the stigma of being a fire horse at least until Meg became a teenager, when she flunked freshman Algebra twice, then decided to cut her own bangs After six years as an undergrad at Indiana University, Meg moved to New York City in the middle of a sanitation worker strike to pursue a career as an illustrator, at which she failed miserably, forcing her to turn to her favorite hobby writing novels for emotional succor She worked various jobs to pay the rent, including a decade long stint as the assistant manager of a 700 bed freshmen dormitory at NYU, a position she still occasionally misses She is now the author of nearly fifty books for both adults and teens, selling fifteen million copies worldwide, many of which have been 1 New York Times bestsellers, most notably The Princess Diaries series, which is currently being published in over 38 countries, and was made into two hit movies by Disney In addition, Meg wrote the Mediator and 1 800 Where R You series on which the television series, Missing, was based , two All American Girl books, Teen Idol, Avalon High, How to Be Popular, Pants on Fire, Jinx, a series of novels written entirely in email format Boy Next Door, Boy Meets Girl, and Every Boy s Got One , a mystery series Size 12 Is Not Fat Size 14 Is Not Fat Either Big Boned , and a chick lit series called Queen of Babble Meg is now writing a new children s series called Allie Finkle s Rules for Girls Her new paranormal series, Abandon, debuts in Summer of 2011 Meg currently divides her time between Key West, Indiana, and New York City with a primary cat one eyed Henrietta , various back up cats, and her husband, who doesn t know he married a fire horse Please don t tell him Series Airhead The Princess Diaries Mediator

10 thoughts on “Runaway

  1. Myra Sullivan Myra Sullivan says:

    Being stuck in the body of a supermodel might sound like a dream come true for some girls, but for Emerson Watts, it s turning into a complete nightmareI was so hooked on this series that I finished book two, put it back on my shelf, and picked up book three And kept reading I didn t even bother changing my status on Goodreads THAT S how much I was in lo

  2. Laura Martinelli Laura Martinelli says:

    I was really hoping for the series to redeem itself in this book, but unfortunately, that wasn t the case There was a lot of potential in this series, which got promptly wasted.The big problem I keep coming back to is the characterization It s definitely the weakest part in the series, and it shows Em doesn t grow at all in three books by the end, she s still di

  3. Olivia-Savannah Roach Olivia-Savannah Roach says:

    Is this rating on me because I waited ten years before I read this sequel Maybe But also did I remember most of the plot of the previous two but simply outgrew the series Maybe It also just wasn t good First of all, Em spends a lot of this series complaining about being a model And then when even a hint of the idea comes up of her getting her old life back, she doesn t

  4. Kristi Kristi says:

    Meg Cabot is awesome Just plain ole freaggin awesome She can do no wrong in my eyes Runaway was a fantastic ending to this series The secret behind the Stark Enterprises, is so simple, it s brilliant I couldn t believe that I didn t figure it out sooner If you ve never read Meg Cabot before, I highly recommend that you check her out If you like something entertaining, funny and

  5. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    The book actually rather annoyed me There is a lot of content I would classify as filler and it got tedious to read For example Every time Em mentions her clothes while locked in Brandon s house, she has to refer back to how Brandon bought out a whole boutique of her size EVERYTIME So when Em brings up her clothes ten times in the first fifty pages, I get tired of the references Becaus

  6. Aly Aly says:

    Good conclusion I liked this much better than book 2 This is like the Original Get Out haha Em, Lulu, Nikki, and Frida were total badasses and I loved it Meg Cabot is so great about writing strong female characters who can save the day, it makes me so happy This book was a quick read the plot moved quickly and there was a lot going on to keep my interest I m glad everyone paired up and got the

  7. Sache Sache says:

    Emerson Watts had a body of a model Nikki Howard, but it seemed that the body her brain was in, was some sort of jinxed.or maybe, it was because of Em s fault.but Em wouldn t let people rule over her any, she would find a way to escape and ranaway after everything cleaned up and cleaned up meant, bring down Stark Enterprises what a very very quick reading book very teenage ish I read it only in two ho

  8. Fashiongirlgoldberg Fashiongirlgoldberg says:

    I really want to read this book I also want to be the first to review it, so here it is Runaway is the third book in the airhead series I still haven t read the second yet unfortunately, but I heard it was better then the first book which I enjoyed Now if this is better then the second book, which was better then the first, then I ll probably rate it four stars Hence my rating D So anyway I was wondering, in

  9. Rambling Reviews Rambling Reviews says:

    Meg Cabot is, for me, a guilty pleasure Pure chick lit escapism, I read her books when I really just don t want to have to think much So I m not against her books in general I just really did NOT enjoy this series.It felt like there wasn t actually too much story, so Ms Cabot had to do some SERIOUS filling in.I just couldn t stand the constant references to actually being dead Like, Oh I could totally go and do that

  10. Karin Karin says:

    This book picks up right after the second one lets off, with just a day or so in between If you plan to read this series and don t want to know anything ahead of time, stop right here If you don t mind knowing a little, just skip the spoilers.Em is at a summer home owned by Brandon the son of the fourth wealthiest man in the world view spoiler because he has threatened to expose the real Nikki and her mother to his dad who h

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