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Ruby Tanya This is a contemporary tale about two friends one of whom, Asra, is an asylum seeker from an unnamed Eastern European country The other, Ruby Tanya, is the daughter of a local man who is campaigning against the presence of asylum seekers in his community During a dramatic explosion at the girls school, a young teacher is killed The asylum seekers at the local camp are blamed, and local people begin to argue that they should be deported A branch of the National Front gets involved and demos are planned Asra and her parents are due to be deported, but Asra runs away at the last minute so her parents have to return without her She hides in a nearby derelict building and is helped by Ruby Tanya

About the Author: Robert Swindells

Robert Swindells was born in Bradford in 1939, the eldest of five children He left the local Secondary Modern School at fifteen to work as a copy holder on the local newspaper At seventeen he enlisted in the RAF and served for three years, two in Germany On being discharged he worked as a clerk, engineer and printer until 1969 when he entered college to train as a teacher having obtained five O levels at night school His first book When Darkness Comes was written as a college thesis and published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1972 In 1980 he gave up teaching to write full time He likes travelling and visits many schools each year, talking and reading stories to children He is the secutatry of his local Peace Movement group Brother in the Land is his first book for Oxford University Press He is married with two grown up daughters and lives in Bradford.Author description taken from Brother in the Land.

10 thoughts on “Ruby Tanya

  1. Kate Brockwell Kate Brockwell says:

    This book is about a girl named ruby Tanya and she has an asylum friend named asra I liked how it was told by both the girls point of view The start was a bit slow but once I got into it it was gripping I think it deserves a 4 star as it was a slow beginning.

  2. Jaidyn Robertson Jaidyn Robertson says:

    At the beginning of this term, Miss Picton showed us a book to read named Ruby Tanya We have been reading this book for awhile now, and we only finished it last week It was a very interesting book to read, as it appeals to children, and adults It was made by Robert Swindells, who is a professional author of many critically acclaimed books We have only read Ruby Tanya though I found most of the book to be interesting to read about Some small

  3. Jarreth Dodds Jarreth Dodds says:

    This is a story about a young girl called Ruby Tanya She is best friends with an asylum seeker girl called Asra Her friendship with Asra is complicated when a bomb goes off at their school and the asylum seekers are blamed What makes it evendifficult is that Ruby Tanya s dad campaigns against the asylum seekers Eventually, Asra and her parents are forced to be sent to their old country where they will be killed Ruby Tanya and Asra devise a pla

  4. Huy Le Huy Le says:

    This book was interesting and intriguing, towards the end it becamesuspenseful and kept me on my toes Robert Swindells has an interesting writing style that persuaded me to turn the page after page The book was shown through the perspectives of two best friends, Asra and Ruby, struggling through racism and their own family problems.Ruby Tanya is a recommended book for teenagers as I believe they can relate to the complications for example, racis

  5. Vallerie Panda Vallerie Panda says:

    I recently read Ruby Tanya in our English class at school, I found it interesting and left me on the edge of my seat constantly The story tells of the British town Tipton Lacey, which is occupied by both asylum seekers and English men and women the discriminatory issues in the town only increase when a bomb was planted at the school Two friends, Ruby Tanya, and Asra Saber, pay no attention to this discrimination, although they are in completely di

  6. Daniel Bartlett Daniel Bartlett says:

    This book is a beautiful story of Ruby Tanya and her friend Asra Saber, a asylum seeker from Iraq Ruby Tanya and Asra fight for the asylum seekers rights as they are all accused of bombing the local school Ruby Tanya fights against her father because her father hates the asylum seekers Ruby Tanya and Asra go through many hard emotional journeys A great sympathetic story.

  7. Kent Kent says:

    I did enjoy Ruby Tanya with a passion and had fun reading this book with the class It held a constant feel of drama and nail biting action with a few moments to breathe again This book was definitely a joy and held its own throughout Would advice anyone to pick this up with a great story and short chapters 8 8

  8. Blake Blake says:

    The book started of really good It was very interesting and I was enjoying it a lot as the book went on it dragged on longer than it should an it started to get boring the end of the book felt rushed because the main event at the end of the book was about 4 chapters long which is around 12 pages.

  9. Tyler Wakelin Tyler Wakelin says:

    the book was sort of adventurus but I still didn t like it because it wasn t my style of reading and also the ending was so rushed and totally not suited to the book I recommend not reading the book because it is not worth the read and also a waste good time.

  10. Steven Steven says:

    It was a bit of a boring book because it was mostly taken up by the same thing happening over and over again The end was rushed and could have haddetail to it I would not recommend reading this book because it is a waste of precious time

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