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Romeo's Ex: Rosaline's Story Shakespeare s classic retold from another perspectiveRosaline won t let anyone or anything get in the way of her future as a healer That is, until she meets Benvolio Where Romeo s words had been hollow and unfounded, Benvolio s are filled with sincerity and true love Now Rosaline finds herself caught between her feelings, her ambition, and her family s long standing feud with the MontaguesWhen Romeo turns his affections toward Ros s cousin, Juliet, their relationship brings the feud of the two houses to a new level Rosaline and Benvolio hatch a plan to bring peace to the two families But will they succeed

10 thoughts on “Romeo's Ex: Rosaline's Story

  1. Rachel Rachel says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Okay, so at the library last night I picked up two loosely based on Shakespeare YA novels I have a weakness, both for Shakespeare and for YA fiction, so it was fairly inevitable I haven t yet begun Ophelia, but Romeo s Ex Rosaline s Story I began and finished last night.My first impressions were moderate the author s use of quasi Elizabethan la

  2. Anne Osterlund Anne Osterlund says:

    Rosaline is NOT in love with Romeo that simpering, lovesick, ANNOYANCE In fact, she has no interest in falling in love or getting married or any of that Nope She s going study medicine Commit herself to science And she isn t going to waste her time on the feud between her family, the Capulets, and their archenemy, the Montagues, either.She really couldn t care less about of the Montagues.That isshe couldn t until the brawl

  3. Andrea Andrea says:

    I COMPLETELY loved this book I loved Rosaline s perspective it was such a fine twist on Shakespear s classics Romeo and Juliet

  4. Cindy Cindy says:

    What s most impressive about this book is how many of my pet peeves it manages to combine in one place The despicable romantic hero who has slept with every woman in town but says it will be different with this girl because now it s not just about sex, the obnoxious plucky heroine who anachronistically wants to have a career before starting a family, the incredibly annoying first person, present tense narration with shifting

  5. Briana Briana says:

    First impressions The author is trying to do some interesting things with language and modernizing the adaptation However, the historical fact info dump, the over the top modern representation of Rosaline, and some wild plot events all detract from the novel Full review to come.

  6. Aerin O& Aerin O& says:

    TheI mull this one over, theI dislike it.Any sort of literary pastiche is, in essence, fanfic It goes back to Dante and beyond, no shame in that Some great work has come from reworking the stories of others But Romeo s Ex is less Baker Street Irregulars andmessage board that s probably going to give you spyware The premise certainly had potential, but Rosaline just ends up being Juliet But Better older, prettier, wiser, braver

  7. Lady Knight Lady Knight says:

    Wow I expected so muchout of this one While I still do think that the cover art is absolutely gorgeous, the text inside is rather pitiable While I respect the attempt, using quasi Shakespearian language half the time mixed in withmodern sounding dialogue was a lost cause It came off as ridiculously funny, which I rather fancy was unintended Tis not thou tis I pg 20 laughable, yes Too, in my opinion, one should either stick close

  8. Cathleen Cathleen says:

    For never was a story ofwoe than this of Juliet and her Romeo We all know the tragic story of the young, star crossed lovers But what of Rosaline What is her story What role did she play in this famous drama Never actually seen in Shakespeare s play, she is nonetheless extremely important For if not for Romeo s crush on her, he would never have crashed the Capulet masquerade ball in the first place.If true beauty comes from withi

  9. Diana Diana says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This adaption of Romeo and Juliet focuses on Juliet s cousin Rosaline, a healer, who Romeo is pining for at the beginning of Shakespeare s play Told in different points of view, Rosaline watches as her cousin and Romeo rush towards their tragic end, all while pining for Benvolio.I enjoyed most of this book it was a very clever twist on Romeo and Juliet

  10. MsAprilVincent MsAprilVincent says:

    We never actually see or hear from Rosaline in Shakespeare s play, but she s still an important character without her, none of the other action would have occurred.This book imagines the story from Rosaline s perspective, how she reacted to Romeo s declarations of love, how she felt about the Capulet Montague feud, how she helped the young lovers.The language is that of the 16th century though not in verse , so it could prove troub

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