Reversing the Apocalypse: Hijacking the Democratic Party

Reversing the Apocalypse: Hijacking the Democratic Party to Save the World Former MSNBC Host and Progressive Activist Krystal Ball dissects what went wrong with the Democratic Party over the lastyears culminating in the electoral apocalypse ofKrystal argues that Donald Trump is a predictable response to the massive economic dislocation of the pastyears Reversing the Apocalypse is not simple Trump bashing, but a powerful and self reflective critique of where the Party went wrong and what Progressives can do to turn the tide Krystal Ball narrates the modern descent of the Democratic Party from the party of workers and New Deal Progressives to the party of Silicon Valley elites and the managerial class Tragically, this working class abandonment happened right when ordinary Americans needed the most help But Krystal s critique is radically action focused what can we do to reclaim the Democratic Party for workers and start winning elections again Critical Praise for Reversing the Apocalypse If you read one chapter of this book, it should be Preventing the Next Trump , but then you won t be able to put it down Lawrence O Donnell, host of The Last Word on MSNBSC It s easy to look at the disastrous policies and anti working class politics of the other side instead of looking in the mirror for how we got here as a country Krystal s book challenges progressives to look inward for where we have gotten it wrong and how to think creatively to meet the challenges facing working people For those within the progressive movement who want to be agents of the change we need look no further, Krystal has the answers Congressman Tim Ryan D OH of Youngstown There will be many books emerging about how we ended up with Trump and what to do about it, along with others about what the Democratic Party needs to do to recapture its mojo Some will be good, some not so good some will be shallow, others deep with ideas and plans Reversing the Apocalypse is good, deep and necessary Norm Ornstein, co author of It s Even Worse than it Looks In Reversing the Apocalypse, Krystal makes it plain that there is a cry for systemic change in America that the political class, particularly Democrats, have failed to answer She reminds us that we all have the responsibility and amazing opportunity to be the light for each other, our community and nation In particular, she encourages us to find the causes that unite and ignite us, join forces and build Nina Turner, Former Ohio State Senator and Our Revolution board member Krystal has a prescription that includes fielding a dramatically different candidate slate around the country for US Congress, including those earning the minimum wage and those without a college degree She also argues forcefully that the only litmus tests that matter for Democrats should have to do with economic issues and inclusion and that the social and cultural issues, such as guns and abortion, need to take a back seat to issues of economic justice Reversing the Apocalypse also takes on the dominant narrative regarding race in the Democratic Party and shows how a narrow focus on white privilege and on lecturing well intentioned working class whites creates closed mindedness and division instead of receptivity to an economic justice message If you want to take your party and your country back, not back in time to some mythical s homogeny, but back to the New Deal Radicalism of the s that saved us from the Great Depression, Reversing the Apocalypse has the answers you ve been looking for Some of the most incisive and insightful writing on politics I ve ever read Highly recommended

About the Author: Krystal Ball

Krystal Marie Ball is an American journalist, politician, and news talk anchor on The Hill s news program Rising with the Hill s Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti She is also a businesswoman and certified public accountant She co hosted MSNBC s afternoon news talk show The Cycle for the duration of the show s run from June 2012 to July 2015 She was the Democratic Party nominee for Congress in Virginia s 1st congressional district in the 2010 election.

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