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Resist No Evil From the far reaches of the human mind, come these tales of unrestrained, anti authoritarianism No government, no leaders, no authority, no rules, and complete freedom of action Egoism, solipsism, anarchism, and other heresies now revealed to corrupt your mind Clarence Darrow is best known for defending the right to teach evolution in the Scopes trial Not so well known is his lifetime of service on behalf of victims of government persecution In Resist Not Evil, Darrow presents a convincing case for abolishing the criminal justice system Darrow argues that neither punishment nor prison reduce the crime rate, and the only reason for them is vengeance and cruelty He points out that most crimes are committed against property by people who have been shut out of the economic system This reprint of Darrow s controversial assay could not be timely, his ideas have lost none of their fire or relevance

10 thoughts on “Resist No Evil

  1. Logan Albright Logan Albright says:

    Thought provoking, to be sure, but ultimately I disagree with Darrow s conclusions.While the criminal justice system is indisputably broken, I think Darrow errs in ascribing the causes of crime to being purely environmental, and I especially disagree with his concepti

  2. Tamara Jaffe-Notier Tamara Jaffe-Notier says:

    But sooner or later all conduct and all life must rest on truth It s a beautiful book The unjust condition of human life is sooooo extensive that I don t know how to receive Darrow s admonition to resist not evil Homo sapiens are violent from time to time I think we can r

  3. Kristyna Kristyna says:

    My first encounter with Clarence Darrow occurred when Kevin Spacey was playing the character at The Old Vic Theatre in London What caught my interest, apart from Spacey s mesmerising performance, was a line uttered midway through the show The cause of crime is poverty, ignora

  4. Josh Josh says:

    In the past, I haven t written reviews of especially short books, but this one I enjoyed a great deal and had to write about it.For those unaware, Darrow is the lawyer that defended Scopes and Sweet in the infamous Monkey trial and he also defended infamous at the time thrill kil

  5. Qasim Zafar Qasim Zafar says:

    A great book, written mainly from the anarchist branch of libertarian philosophy Though, I don t agree with the proposal of essentially a no state solution what I do love about this book is the empathetic look at criminal justice and what needs to be done in order not to forget that

  6. Alan Hughes Alan Hughes says:

    This book s title comes from Matthew 5 39 and goes on to advice turning the other cheek In this small book by Clarence Darrow he expands on his philosophy of non violence and his concerns about the legal system He argues that the state is formed in violence and is thus inevitably corrupt

  7. Dina Dina says:

    If you are into philosophy and especially the follower of peaceful resistance, this is your book Written in a clear language, intelligent and full of forgiveness towards human I really can t praise it enough, one needs to read it Unfortunately, no solution to human behavior is given The read

  8. Zachary Moore Zachary Moore says:

    A short yet powerful book on the problems of a punished based judiciary system Some parts of the book stray off into contemporary pseudoscience like phrenology, but when Darrow writes about the core topic his words are always well chosen and the impact on the reader profound.

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