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Report to the Principals Office! A Fast, Fun, Friendship Read From The Newbery Award Winning Author Of Maniac MageeIt S The First Day Of School At Plumstead Middle School And Already There S Trouble It Starts With Sunny, Who Is Determined To Do Whatever It Will Take To Get Herself Suspended Then There S Eddie, Who Has A Three Point Plan For Fitting In, But Still Gets Beaten Up On The Morning Bus Salem Is All Too Pleased To Witness Eddie S Troubles As A Future Famous Writer, She S Drawn To Drama And On Top Of It All, There S Pickles Johnson, Who Is JustwellPickles These Four Sixth Graders Have Only One Thing In Common They Re All About To Report To The Principal S Office

10 thoughts on “Report to the Principals Office!

  1. Shayla Shayla says:

    Okay, I just reread this last night after having not read it since 7th or 8th grade Jerry Spinelli is special This is a very short, very light book and somehow it has a lasting impression and made me love the characters I loved the new school, Plumstead, the principal who was AWESOME, and the 4 main characters They felt so incredibly real This book

  2. Clea Clea says:

    It was okay for me, i mean, its written well but its all over the place and you cant really get the gist of it But on the bright side, the ending was really touching.

  3. Alexis Alexis says:

    This book was part of a series, School Days or School Daze It s listed as both here on GR In this first book , four very different middle school students find themselves in an unlikely friendship And isn t that the best kind Sunny Wyler is pissed because she and her best friend who live across the street from each other end up in different zoned middl

  4. Anna Anna says:

    the book I m reading, Report to the Principal s Office , is a good book It s funny Elizabeth Sunshine Wyler wants to get kicked out of Plumestead Middle School so she acts very nasty in school Salem Brownmiller wants to be a famous writer when she grows up At first, she begins to write her story about HER first day of school But then she begins to writ

  5. Josiah Josiah says:

    I have learned never to be surprised when a Jerry Spinelli book exceeds my expectations, since ALL of them do, and by the time I finished Report to the Principal s Office , the old familiar feeling of having loved a Jerry Spinelli story was comfortably in place It s a little bit unusual to see a series even a mini series, as is the case for School Daze

  6. Xavier Xavier says:

    My thoughts about the book is what is the promblems with these four kids Sunny makes herself dirty and let snot run down her nose Then Eddie comes in He makes a three point plan on how to try to make friends and avoid geting beat up by older kids But that does not happen,he got thrown on the bus like a football Now we shift over to Salem,which is a girl,

  7. Youssef Youssef says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Sunny is mean, and she ll do whatever it takes to get expelled from Plumstead Middle School Eddie is a wimp, and he ll do whatever it takes to not be killed by seventh and eigth graders Salem is a writer, and she s always taking notes about life so she can have a good story Pi

  8. Carol Caldwell Carol Caldwell says:

    Jerry Spinelli is at his best again The first day of middle school, 6th grade, is like entering a foreign country Spinelli takes his 4 special students and shows them who the enemy is, any 8th grader But this is also the first ...

  9. Emma Emma says:

    The story tells us that people can go through stuggles and still find the way that they all enjoy In this story, Jerry Spinelli gives the story a little twist by using nicknames and real actual name to...

  10. Alexis Alexis says:

    Another great read for middle school students It is told from multiple perspectives of students who would otherwise have nothing in common They are brought together in a new middle school with a new principal.

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