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Red's Hot Honky-Tonk Bar Unruly Red knows she s no one s idea of a sweet old granny But with one long distance phone call, the fortysomething bar owner with the tattoos and tight jeans is suddenly responsible for two young grandchildren she hardly knowsRed s rowdy friends, late night lifestyle and tiny apartment above her San Antonio saloon definitely aren t kidproof And Red s pretty sure the hot young fiddle player she s been dallying with will run for the hills when he learns she has a daughter, let alone grandkidsBut Red is about to learn that age doesn t necessarily come with wisdom That a nine year old girl can be as exacting as the strictest parent That the school of hard knocks never had bake sales And that her boy toy is of an adult than she is

About the Author: Pamela Morsi

Pamela Morsi is a USA Today, Waldenbooks, and Barnes Noble bestselling author of romance She broke into publishing in 1991 with Heaven Sent and has been gracing readers with at least a book a year ever since Two of her novels, Courting Miss Hattie 1992 and Something Shady 1996 , won the Romance Writers of America s RITA Award, the highest honor in romance publishing, and others have been RITA finalists Ms Morsi pens heartwarming stories set in Small Town, USA Her books are famous for their wit, humor, memorable characters, and down home charm.

10 thoughts on “Red's Hot Honky-Tonk Bar

  1. Holly Lee (Bellas Novella) Holly Lee (Bellas Novella) says:

    I started reading this book thinking that it would be a fluff romance novel It starts out appearing to be that way, but under the surface a lot of complex themes are at play The book deals with families separated by war, by illness, and by complex interpersonal issues It aims to teach the overall lesson to dream like you will live for ever, and t

  2. Cheri Cheri says:

    I almost did a DNF but decided to hang in there It wasn t bad but it wasn t really all that good I did not click with any of the characters Red the h got on my nerves way too much Cam the H was a nice guy but too submissive for me The storyline was mediocre at most This was my 1st novel by this author.

  3. Kathleen J Kathleen J says:

    This author really knows her craft.Great telling rather than showing Showing us people s actions rather than telling us about them really draws you in and makes you identify with the characters You won t find all of those pages of angsty internal emotions and negative thoughts here thank heavens Doesn t front load the backstory Like a writing teacher of mine once

  4. Susie Susie says:

    This is the second book I have read from this author and I Ioved it A great read on family love and relationships, just delightful It does touch on a difficult issue, which was heartrending but the whole half full glass analogy shined through from our beautiful hero I look foward to readingfrom Pamela Morsi.

  5. Tess Tess says:

    4.5 stars

  6. Laura (Kyahgirl) Laura (Kyahgirl) says:

    1 5 1 star DNFI don t know if this is a good story or not I gave it one star because I had such an aversion to Red, right off the bat, that I couldn t carry on As a mother, I just couldn t find it in me to relate to her dysfunctional mothering and couldn t bring myself to give her a chance.

  7. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    This one headed a bittoward women s fiction rather than straight romance In fact Borders sells it as General Fiction I liked it in general The older woman younger man thing was pretty well done.

  8. BookLover BookLover says:

    Putting this one on pause for a bit Been trying to finish this for almost two weeks now and can t seem to get into it.

  9. Marilyn Upright Marilyn Upright says:

    A very enjoyable story I appreciated the fact that Red was an older woman but that she could still learn from her younger boyfriend Cam.

  10. Mai Mai says:

    So different from what I expected and so ultimately heartwarming

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