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Prophecy's End (The Endarian Prophecy Book 6) A mage’s ungodly goal: rule among the dead A noblewoman’s destiny: deliver the kingdom of Endar from evil The final battle is at handKragan, wielder of malignant magic, is nearing his ultimate goal Lorness Carol Rafel is pursuing her millenniaold destiny as well It has been prophesized that the noble sorceress will destroy Kragan before he lays waste to the kingdom of Endar and reigns as an unholy godIn Kragan’s favor is the mighty Dread Lord, bound to Kragan’s will, and an army of the resurrected dead that far outnumbers the Forsworn followers at Carol’s side But Carol has the edge She and her seer husband, Arn, possess the last remaining pieces of a magical puzzle In the shards of a shattered trident lies the very key to Kragan’s dark dreams If Carol and Arn can unleash its undiscovered powers in time to intercept Kragan’s horde The end is at handThe final battle on the besieged fortress is upon them And Arn’s visions of its outcome are terrifying As Carol draws on her own increasing forces of magic, is at stake than she imagines in an endgame in the land of the dead that no one could have foreseen

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