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Princess Diana - Her Last Love Diana Her Last Love is an account of the late Princess of Wales relationship with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan It discloses how they met at a London hospital, and how, for the last two years of Diana s life, they managed to keep their affair largely secret The details of how Diana deliberately orchestrated the photos and news stories of her romance with Dodi Fayed will interest many readers, but at the heart of the story is a sensitive portrait of a woman who wished to be loved for herself

10 thoughts on “Princess Diana - Her Last Love

  1. Adibah Nur Adibah Nur says:

    I didn t know that the movie of her that I watched 4 years ago was adapted from this, I didn t realize it until 30% into the book, noticing how similar the timeline between the book and the movie I absolutely adore Princess Diana My first encounter of her article was when I was 9 It was from one of my mom s magazines I was curious about her, naturally So I read on Since then, she s been one of the ico

  2. Katherine Katherine says:

    This was a very insightful read on Princess Diana very informative and detailed The only things I didn t like were the chapter titles the quotes the author chose seemed arbitrary and sounded odd without context , and when parts would run on as if the author was just trying to fill a word quota, like a highschool essay.

  3. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    From what I can gather Diana fell madly in love with Dr Khan a Pakistani ans they kept their romance a secret because the Royal Family would not approve I think he broke up with her though because he wanted his privacy and then she met Dodi Fahed I think she wanted to marry the doctor very much.

  4. Emilee Emilee says:

    I hadn t read a book about Princcess Diana before, so I learned a lot that I had never heard of or suspected The book itself was OK, but I look forward to reading another book about her.

  5. PirateAriel PirateAriel says:

    Ripetitivo, monotono e scritto con i piedi, il romanzo della Snell rende Lady D un personaggio fastidioso e difficilmente sopportabile.

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