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Precision Machining Technology PRECISION MACHINING TECHNOLOGY has been carefully written to align with the National Institute of Metalworking Skills NIMS Machining Level I Standard and to support achievement of NIMS credentials This new text carries NIMS exclusive endorsement and recommendation for use in NIMS accredited Machining Level I Programs It s the ideal way to introduce students to the excitement of today s machine tool industry and provide a solid understanding of fundamental and intermediate machining skills needed for successful st Century careers With an emphasis on safety throughout, PRECISION MACHINING TECHNOLOGY offers a fresh view of the role of modern machining in today s economic environment The text covers such topics as the basics of hand tools, job planning, benchwork, layout operations, drill press, milling and grinding processes, and CNC The companion Workbook Shop Manual contains helpful review material to ensure that readers have mastered key concepts and provides guided practice operations and projects on a wide range of machine tools that will enhance their NIMS credentialing success

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  1. Melissa Sodano Melissa Sodano says:

    This textbook is a great introduction to those who are new to the manufacturing industry Tools and processes are spelled out for the lay person The rescue questions and accompanying workbook are very helpful.

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