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Pokémon Black and White, Vol. 1 Meet Pokemon Trainers Black and White White has a burgeoning career as a Trainer of performing Pokemon Black is about to embark on a training journey to explore the Unova region and fill a Pokedex for Professor JuniperWho will Black choose as his first Pokemon Who would you choose Plus, meet feisty Pokemon Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott and many new Pokemon of the unexplored Unova region

About the Author: Hidenori Kusaka

Created the Pokemon Adventures series.Also made a Pokemon Rangers Almia manga It is based on the game Pokemon Rangers, Shadows of AlmiaAlso known as

10 thoughts on “Pokémon Black and White, Vol. 1

  1. Timmavajjula Venkata karthik Timmavajjula Venkata karthik says:

    The thing I don t understand is how Black has a level 54 Braviary and a level 34 Musharna at the beginning of his journey If this was the scenario in the games, that would be really cool.

  2. Gi-Gi Gi-Gi says:

    I won this in a Pokemon Christmas giveaway along with some other stuff It was pretty good but it will never stand next to the original Pokemon A little funny and the motivation of Black reminds me of Ash s but like on super blast.

  3. Mohammed Alsharaby Mohammed Alsharaby says:


  4. Mycal Stewart Mycal Stewart says:

    A fun story for all agesPokemon is always a fun story to dive into This manga was no acception It was a fun, short read that anyone can enjoy From the loveable characters to the sweet story, this has something for everyone This didn t blow me out of the water so it can only be 4 stars A cute series to enjoy.

  5. Alistair Parker Alistair Parker says:

    black my favorite character in the region is on a journey to be the greatest pokemon trainer in volume 1 I learn sevreal pokemon snivy tepig tep oshawott my favorite water type in the region munna musha braviary brav sewaddle woobat roggenrola cottonee and blitzle i want to read vol.2 next

  6. Spikeman2 Spikeman2 says:

    it is a good book, but it is just black meeting new characters and i know that i should not expect to much from a manga book full of action but still, Braviary is at level 52

  7. Karissa Karissa says:

    I got this to read with my seven year old son who is really into Pokemon It s an okay read, I think young Pokemon fans will love it, but adults will be a bit bored.In this first installment we meet Black and his friends Black has always dreamed about winning the Pokemon league, and now he is embarking on an adventure to fill his Pokedex and have his first trainer battle I am relatively new

  8. Enrique Enrique says:

    I ve read Pokemon Adventures in the Kanto Sagas and the Johto Saga though I haven t gotten to reading the Hoenn or the Sinnoh arcs I ve heard that starting with Sinnoh there is no focus on the previous characters like with what they tried to do in the Emerald arc Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Silver were rescued by Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald from a new villain I think so I didn t kno

  9. Andre Andre says:

    I was pretty surprised by this book At first it seemed to be kind of generic to me but then the main character Black as well as the supporting characters Dr Junniper and Cheren whom I first believed to be a girl I admit surprised me.Especially Black was different from male protagonists that I usually read about view spoiler , in that he actively researched and still researches in libraries and all to actual

  10. Thomas phan Thomas phan says:

    A fiction book called Pokemon black and white vol.1 by Hidenori Kusaka tells a story about a young girl that is new to the game Pokemon and she got in a mail that had 3 new Pokemon s that she doesn t what the names are,and what they are and what they do The 3 Pokemon s names are Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig The 3 Pokemon s likes to make lots of messes because they have nothing else to do A guy name Black stole the Poke

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