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Paris, He Said Set in Paris, from the award winning author of Little Known Facts, an effervescent new novel about a woman in thrall to a powerful older manJayne Marcus feels directionless and is struggling to pay her bills in Manhattan when she is given the opportunity to move to Paris with her wealthy lover and benefactor, Laurent Moller, who owns and operates two art galleries, one in New York, the other in Paris He offers her the time and financial support she needs to begin her career as a painter and also challenges her to see who and what she will become if she meets her artistic potentialLaurent, however, seems to have other women in his life and Jayne, too, has an ex boyfriend, much closer to her own age, for whom she still has feelings Bringing Paris gloriously to life, Paris, He Said is a novel about desire, beauty and its appreciation, and of finding yourself presented with the things you believe you ve always wanted, only to wonder where true happiness lies

10 thoughts on “Paris, He Said

  1. Ellon Ellon says:

    I was enjoying the first section of this book, told from Jayne s POV Once it switched to Laurent s POV, I enjoyed it less and when it switched back to Jayne s POV for the end, I was completely disinterested I was also left wanting with the ending, which I felt did not resolve the story.

  2. Lolly K Dandeneau Lolly K Dandeneau says:

    A heart s coming of age, and what I mean by that is the novel has Jayne learning all of love s dimensions while struggling with what she wants The appeal of a worldly European man offering to give her the chance to blossom in Paris seems to be a no brainer particularly for an artist Laurent is the man offering to turn her into a sensualist, not just with art but with food and the ways of the Parisians.

  3. Paul Wilner Paul Wilner says:

    In the course of her relatively short career, Christine Sneed has shown remarkable range Her first collection of short stories, the deliciously named Portraits of a Few of the People I ve Made Cry, she delineated sexual politics and identity with sharp, knowing insights The book deservedly won the Grace Paley award for short fiction and was longlisted for the Frank O Connor International Short Story Award

  4. Lila Johnson Lila Johnson says:

    I m trying to figure out what just happended I got to the last page of the book and felt as if I were pushed off a cliff What happened What did I miss This is my first book by this author and choose it because of my madness and desire for all things Paris Throughout the story I felt as though I were riding a roller coaster sometimes up and elated then flat and questioning what I had just read.My rating is due

  5. Esil Esil says:

    Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy of Paris, He Said I feel perplexed by this book Jayne is a young aimless artist in New York She meets Laurent, who is her older boss in the gallery he owns in New York Laurent moves back to Paris, where he owns another gallery, and asks Jayne to follow him Jayne moves to Paris, lives with Laurent and paints And most of the story ta

  6. Jessica Treadway Jessica Treadway says:

    This is a lush, evocative novel about an artist and the people she loves, the decisions she has to make as she embarks upon the career she always dreamed about, and Paris, which becomes a character in its own right A romance, drama, and comedy all at once, Paris, He Said features Sneed s typically elegant writing and rich characters, especially Jayne.

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    What a disappointment.Here s what happened I was on vacation off the grid and I was thoroughly engrossed in Hilary Mantel s Wolf Hall Then I temporarily lost my Kindle So, I borrowed my daughter s Kindle for a few hours, but because I was off the grid I couldn t download Wolf Hall And the only book that I had accidentally downloaded to her Kindle over the past few months was Paris, He Said by Christine Sneed So, I greedil

  8. Olya Olya says:

    I received this book courtesy of the GoodReads First Reads Giveaway.I loved the idea of this book, but the execution was so so for me Both Jayne and Laurent fell flat to me as characters I really wanted to readabout the emotions behind Jayne s decision to leave New York to live with Laurent in Paris Honestly, I was bored a lot while reading the book Some parts were interesting, but I really felt like I was just pressing on du

  9. Maggie Mitchell Maggie Mitchell says:

    In this compelling exploration of love and desire and the murky region in between, Christine Sneed gives us a glimpse of the Paris art world through the eyes of two flawed but likable characters, Jayne Marks and her older lover, Laurent In many ways it s a novel of rumination and self analysis, rather than action, and it never shies away from its characterssordid motivations Jayne accepts an invitation to live with Laurent in Par

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    I am trying to sort out exactly why I was so disappointed in this book I think it was because it has elements I expected to work for me a young painter struggling to make a name for herself while simultaneously starting a lush life in Paris.Christine Sneed tried to inject philosophical musings by her principal characters into the narrative but they seemed like glib greeting card sentiments rather than serious moral deliberations Ther

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